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Emaimiply : i just got my cartilage pierced this morning and the earrings are too big and school starts in 2weeks and i think its not enough to remove within just 2weeks? but i was thinking about nylon threads. can i use nylon to hide my ear cartilage for just temporarily?

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4seoonekenobl : Hi everyone I'm a real conservative when it come to spending money don't get it confuse with being tight I just like to have the extra to spend on what I like doing I'm trying to find the credit card with the best cash back any suggestions?
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goardobagdoseujj : can credit card companies charge me annual fee's if i don't activate it. can credit card companies charge me annual fee's if i don't activate it
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pyncInfessy : Yes, they can. Just because you don't activate the card, doesn't mean you can use the credit card account.
If you don't want to pay the annual fee, call the bank to cancel the card.

Good luck
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pedivo : Of course, they can. The account is open. Activating the card is just a security feature to make sure you get the card. It has nothing to do with anything else about the account.

If you have decided you do not want the card, sent them a letter telling them you've changed your mind and ask that the account be closed. If this is a new account, they will probably remove the annual fee. Be sure to ask for written confirmation that th account is closed and 0 balance. keep that confirmation forever.
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Hiepzinensake : In the state of mississippi
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Neenstookem : Fortunately, there is no jail time for credit card fraud. You might have to pay a fine. There's an old saying in the collection business, " If you're gonna be a thief, make sure you can retire from it".
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mehanle : It depends on the case, history of offenses, etc.If a person just used a stolen credit card, chances are it would be a few months in jail, a fine, and community service.The more you get involved, the worse it's going to be.
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dvn08282 : I'm a cashier & I had 2 guys walk in to our store and bought a small purchase, but then wanted a $300 gift card? I went through with the transactions, he paid with credit, the I.D matched ,.& I finished his transaction. He then suddenly says he wants another $300 gift card. So that's when I just got a manager to ring him up. I'm just curious, other than stolen I.D & card, is there any other way they could have messed with the credit card? He wouldn't take his I.D out & he got all jumpy when I swiped his card for him.
We always have gift cards, just not $600. It was obviously not his card, & he was obv stealing, its just a matter of how :/
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Blokefoex : " the I.D matched ,.& I finished his transaction"

You did your part maybe YOU are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

"He wouldn't take his I.D out & he got all jumpy when I swiped his card for him."

I have a little flippy pouch with my cards and DL, ID in it and I never take it out and frankly have never been ask to or hell for that matter I have never even been ask to show ID when using a CC. Maybe you are just being paranoid, is that store policy to show ID if so and he showed you then what is the big deal? Don't you have customers who want to buy gift cards all the time. I mean I think you are just blowing this out of proportion but I wasn't here.
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