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Mobfabybrirty : Im just wandering, bc My friend wants to get her Cartilage Pierced n Soo I was Wandering if Walmart would do EyeBrow Piercing? Ive been wanting it Done for a Very Long time. If Not, Where can I get it done In St. Augustine for a Cheap Price? I already have Earring tat will go in My EyeBrow bc they are Suited for EyeBrows n Noses n Ears, Plz let me kno! Im planning on going there Maybe Later on today!!!

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OthefShoratte : Not yet.
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Effelpquofe : I don't think so.
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Bdyysre : Does Razer accept prepaid cards?
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Isabella_Washington : I'm 21 years old and have no credit, not bad not good, just none. I want to try to start building some, so I have been thinking about applying for a credit card. I don't plan on using it for extravagant things, just when I need something here and there I'll use it to keep it going. I don't know ANYTHING about credit cards, so I have a few questions- Is there a certain one that you would recommend for my first one? Will it affect my credit rating negatively applying for one? Will it actually help build credit (assuming I pay on time every month, etc)? And, if it won't help build credit, what are some other ways I could get started? Any help is appreciated!
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ganelsalevx : Discover. I have heard it is very easy to get.
The limit will be low. No problem.
Does not hurt your credit. You have nothing to hurt.

With this card. Charge your gas or food.
Pay in full each month when you get the bill in the mail.
Not the minimum, not more than the minimum, but in full.
Carrying balances is a fast way to destroy credit.

To get a credit card, they will want to see 1 year's worth of employment.
That income will have to be sufficient. They could ask for proof.
Hope you have savings. Never touch any form of credit without your
Savings Emergency Fund
This needs to be 5 months of income.
Did you know there is a database credit card companies can check your accounts?
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BizDyereedimi1970 : If you are employed 12/18 months and have $500 in a savings account, you should be able to convert into a secured credit card from a bank. Make sure they belong to the credit bureau. In 12 months, you'll have a fair score, (620/659) and in 24, a good score (660/749) and in 36+, an excellent score (750/840). Use it for small items and pay the balance the following month.
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phsinanchl : Alright I was checking online at all my transactions on my checking account and it says I was charged 10.89 for something I didn't do?Also their was a atm transaction aswell!!! I didn't go the Atm yesterday!!! What Do i do???
Alright The ATM machine date was wrong that was from 3 days ago,but the 10.89 charge wasn't me.
To dispute the charge can I do it over the phone or Do I have to go there?
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KiseTrespoots : Call the bank and dispute the charge.
The ATM will be hard to dispute.
To use an ATM a person must have the correct 4 digit pin number.
This means you gave it to someone (maybe a long time ago).
Legally, you will be responsible if that is the case.

Note: You may have gone to the ATM on Saturday evening.
That transaction may now just be showing up on your online statement.
Call. By law, your statement should be showing you what that $10 charge is for.
Take another look at it.
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MapleMorohaip : I'm so scared
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