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Yopemrlde : Well, i found out what my style is, but I want to look cute in high school. I like it laid back but super i cute. I love boots and jeans and kind of dressy tops. I dont get a lot of money and can go to stores like goodwill walmart ross but i have no idea where any tj max or those are. I can go to the mall at the weekend but they are just too expensive for me. I have a lot of cute belts some cute clip on earrings i have and can get hair accessories and bags and stuff like that. I will wear any kind of tight fit jeans and im getting boots flats and a new jacket. But i need help with the shirts and advice on what to wear to high school. HELP!! I will take any kind of helpful comments

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Nisyventiosse : I'd say layer different pieces of jewelry you have. jewelry will make things look new. also, don't forget about layering clothes if you're tight on money.
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Alibabamen : Do you get charged a handling fee when you use your credit card to buy Tesco food/petrol
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chuyun4841 : No. Tesco get charged by the credit card issuer.
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anogeneInsals : No. it is always the Retailer that gets charged, not us.
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Spovergorry : i need a quick credit card number that works, under 50$ is all i need.. i need a quick credit card number that works, under 50$ is all i need.
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Spovergorry : where do these people come from good grief
do they really think someone going give them REAL CREDIT CARD NUMBER
only dummies would or possible a stolen card but if used
guess who will telling the judge but your honor i didn't know the card was stolen
plus its also violation of yahoo answer to ask in the first place
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QueuewsPewMemS : 1) I heard that your account can be stopped by Ebay if there is some payment problem.
then if I make separate bank account for Ebay trade, will my other account be safe besides my Ebay bank account?

2) I have my credit card as my payment method and that is all of my financial information on Ebay.

but I am plannign to SELL an ITEM this time.
Can i accept money to my credit card????

by the way, its VISA
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ForexSignals : If there is an open "resolution" case on paypal your account will freeze until resolved. I believe you have to go through paypal when it comes to ebay to accept and make payments. You would register your visa there and when someone purchases your item they go through checkout "paypal" and transfer money into your account.
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j Baume du tigre : Start out with collateral... meaning you have something valuable enough for the bank to take so you can guarantee the loan. Usually it is the land you are trying to buy but having a nice chunk of cash to put down on doesn't hurt either.

Your chances of just starting an RV park out of the blue... and getting the county to approve it... are slim to none. Zoning laws are strict and you better got your ducks in a row and have a lot of money.

You will not be able to finance the entire venture but will have to have a large amount of money down.

Talk to realtor and see whether a suitable property is available in the area you want to open this RV park. They can tell you exactly how much money you will need to have a chance at this.
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