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Artfooter : anything and everything that is popular in your school currently.
i HATE wearing what everyone else is wearing so i want to know what to avoid?
so far i know:

-nerd glasses ( i LOVED them 2 years ago and wanted them SO bad but couldn't afford it, and that i can, everyone is wearing them so i cant get them till there out of style again >:[ )
-furry ugg boots
-feather earrings
what is popular in your school?

and how long do trends usually last?

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CimaSmarHaigO : -Skinny & Ripped Jeans
-Feather clips in your hair!
-Fancy Headbands
-Novelty Jewelry
-Loong necklaces
-Graphic Tee's
-Floral Skirts
-Animal Print
-Feather earrings
-Nerd Glasses
These trends usually last for the school year !
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Impermipt : pack in the day when businesses used manual machines their was a piece have paper you put the card in the paper or fold in the ther was a lever thing to swipe did business have to send the bills to the credit card companies because now with the credit card machines it goes directly to the credit card company and if they did how did they know which location to send it too since credit card companies had so many locations and if they didnt how did they get their money
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wbnefcahmyha : I had a shop in the 1980s and opened an account with visa. At the end of each day I added up the total amount of visa vouchers and sent them to the visa office. Visa credited my account with the total less their fee which was 4% of the total sales.
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Ìîêëàøèí : I'm working on an essay for an extra class I'm taking during the summer and I'm a little stuck please help!!! This is what it says:
In a five paragraph essay explain at what point would you recommend someone seek credit counseling? What resources would you recommend to them? Why?
P.S i think it's suppose to be a narrative
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Septonesoro : Would disability income qualify? (SSI or SSDI)

When disclosing income on an application, would it be better to admit that you're disabled and unemployed, or say that you're "self-employed" (can be true - you could have a business that just doesn't make any money, because you have no energy or ability to earn money in this business)?
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VakemeeniaCam : I suggest you leave well enough alone. If you put down you are self employed and you put down your SSI or SSDI as your monthly income, you are committing fraud and you could lose your benefits. The IRS may also get involved and force you to declare it as other income.
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clotofewoDoy : I'm a little confused on how to improve my credit score. It is currently in the good but would like it to get to excellent. I took out a loan for £2,000 about 6 months ago. I'm looking to move out and apply for a mortage and have read plenty of things which state dont pay off anything early as Banks will not like this. The question is does this apply to personal loans or just credit cards? I can pay off the loan amount now which is around £1,300 with 12 months left of payments but should I just keep paying the monthly installments all by the time I move out it will only be around £200 left and because I've regularly paid off my debt it will improve my credit score? Any help would be great and dk gets crossed that all made sense...
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aaliyah979 : It takes years to move a score more than a few points. The most important thing is to always make the
payments on time. It applies to everything you owe.
You will need a good sum in the bank when you apply for a mortgage. Down payment and closing
costs will be considerable. It cannot be borrowed money.
Do not apply for a mortgage until you are sure you would be approved. It will damage your credit
score if you are denied.
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HonsjoriAcino : Since you're in the UK and the rules are different there, I'll give you advice but you'll have to figure out if it applies to your country:

Pay the debt off early ONLY if you do not incur an early-payment penalty. It always helps to pay off extra debt to improve your credit score. But not if you are penalized for doing so.

Paying on time and as agreed is the BEST way to improve the score--but having extra debt that is not paid off doesn't improve your score until it's paid. Your debt-to-income ratio will be higher, which lowers your score. If you are looking to secure a mortgage, having a lower debt-to-income ratio is best.
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