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Thickuche : OK so im getting 2 black sapphire stones. Their .5 carrots each and going to be made into earrings im just curious if some1 could give me a price range on how much i should pay for them? i dont feel like over paying....

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garlSwibraPar : I have a credit card and I would like to buy a new phone, but I cannot afford it until next month, but I need a new phone. The phone costs £498 and my credit card is 16.9% APR.
I would most certainly be paying the whole thing back on the 25th August.
I just wanted to know, If I paid for the phone on my credit card, how much would I have to pay back?

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gestundurgire : I'm attending a community college and I received the higher one MasterCard (debit card) it says I have 1,158.50 as of 7/28/2013 I tried connecting with my Paypal account and its said invalid card number or partial debit card number also it won't connect with my iPhone is says invalid card number. If anyone can explain please.
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gusladdnet : This is a prepaid card and PayPal does not allow you to link any kind of prepaid card. Your iPhone might have the same issue.

You can take this card to your bank and see whether it is possible to transfer the funds into your bank account. Or you can go to an ATM (after you got the PIN) and withdraw all funds and move that money into a real bank account which you can connect to your PayPal and iPhone.
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NEWFLINDLEW : I have a question for the Credit card utilization rate. Most people said do not go over 25~30% of my spending limit in order to raise my credit score. But does that mean monthly? Lets say throughout the month I use 20% of my limit and pay the 20% in full right away for my first week. Then on week 2 of the same month I use 20% and pay 20% back the next day. I do the same for Week 3 and 4 of the same month. Will that raise my credit score quicker or is it the same thing as using 20% of the limit only one time for the month? Thanks
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tatocuctuaply : Hi there,

I am hoping you can get back to me asap with my query:

I took out contracts, applied for overdrafts etc Whilst i was 18 & living by myself...I was paying everything back responsibly and properly as you should until one day I got arrested & remanded in prison for six months. during these six months My direct debits etc where still being taken from my bank account..eventually i reached my overdraft limit and so on...debts got build up from me missing payments etc ( the problem was I was in prison so i had no control of what went on outside) Six months down the line I get proven innocent and released from prison..I come out of prison to find my bank account was closed and my contracts loans etc were stopped and were now collection letters due to miss payments. I now have a damaged credit rating and outstanding debts...I cant even open a regular current account because of this...

My main question is...I was innocently remanded and then proven innocent and released...This is not my fault but in fact a mistake from the police & courts. The build up of debts was not down to my bad management or own doings and unreliability but down to their wrong actions.

I suffer 6 months inside innocently at 18years old...I then come out with debts and an awful credit score problem that was not because of my own doings..

What can i do? Can i get these wiped from my credit file/ refresh my score?
This is not my fault? so who's responsible for this?
I don't believe it is very fair on myself.

Can you help me or direct me on what i can do about this?
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HoandDorOdons : You could probably sue for 'wrongful arrest' as you suffered loss as a result. Ask a 'no win, no fee' solicitor if they will take your case.
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WhorgeAllergy : 1. Obtain a document stating that you were wrongly imprisoned and were entirely innocent of any crime.
2. Write to all the people who are chasing you for money amd the bank, explaining your situation and enclosing the statement that you obtained in 1. above.
3. See a solicitor and seek recompense. Since your financial troubles arise entirely from your wrongful imprisonment, you should have a very strong case.
4. Write again to all your creditors, giving the name of your solicitors and informing them of the action that you have set in motion. Give your solicitor permission to talk to them.
5. Pursue your claim for wrongful arrest and wrongful imprisonment.
6. Win your case, pay off the debts, insist that your credit rating is restored, and keep the rest of the compensation

You will see that at every stage you are providing as much proof as you can and that your proof can be checked.
Stay in touch with your creditors - they will not go away and you did not deliberately avoid them, so keep them in the picture.

I truly wish you well.
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AvaU7 : No you can't get your debts wiped for this, even if you we're wrongfully imprisoned. I suppose the only exception to this would be 1) proving you were wrongly jailed 2) proving you would have earned enough money to clear your debts in those six months and then 3) proving you would have used that money to pay them off..

Difficult to prove. You're better off speaking to a debt advice charity to get some help with paying these off.
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hessLargora : I think it is almost impossible to get back your debts. One thing you can do that is you can request and tell them about your bad times and show them that you are completely unable to do at that time. My suggestion is to talk with member of debt authority about your situation. Thank you.
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