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victoriaeannyD : Which outfit do you like more for a Christmas gift for a mom? And which one do you think is better suited for work/church?

Outfit A:


Belt (Floral) -

Outfit B:

Dress (Red) -

Earrings (Black) -
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phypewenteeko : For a mom i'm thinking #2

but the first one is soo cute!
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Daudiodia : (NOT a pre-paid or secured credit card - a REAL one)...

If the answer is "no", what's the minimum income required to get a credit card?

What if you are disabled and on disability? If you disclose that, will you never get credit again?
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pGavinBuckleyl : As of February 2010, you have to be 21 and employed full time 12/18 months without a cosigner. The minimum income is approximately $25,000
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FriendElizabeth : you overdraft on a netspend prepaid card. you overdraft on a netspend prepaid card
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LYxaasysyas : You can't overdraft a prepaid card. You load it and use the money and if you run low, you re load it.
It isn't a real bank account that has overdraft protection.

If you don't have enough funds to cover the transaction... the the card will be declined.
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hiegululnenny : do the credit cards for your business report to your personal credit reports. do the credit cards for your business report to your personal credit reports
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Sopmduozlhi : Probably, but it depends. If the cards are in the business name, and you use the business tax ID number instead of your social security number, then they should not show up on your personal credit report.
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kartonnik : Yes.
If your co-worker knows about it and has not reported it to the cops she is an accessory so could go to jail too.
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Gypeherge : Depends.
The couple is married. The card company asked for Household income.
The spouse gave them household income.
No fraud of any kind committed.

A spouse can get a card even if they do not work by using household income.
Imagine if a stay at home mom could never get a credit card, just because she stays home?
Household income is joint income. Can be used.
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