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tomn067 : We've only been together for 3months and she needs a new pair of studs. What's a good price?

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Miztiessy : Ummm..... I'd say no more than $200
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DuepLumew : I would say that it all depends on where you go . But a good price would be $100 max.
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Rancannynug : As I girl I personally wouldn't spend any more then $5 on studs, but you might want to spend a little more as she's your girlfriend. I would recommend getting them from fuego :) They have really fun and pretty studs for everyone. If you want to splurge then $20 would be fine. To pay anymore then $20 dollars for just three month seems extreme. I wouldn't get $100 dollar earrings until a year+
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Coinfunlink : cant be cheap id say 150 to 160 no more
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Raladrorrurne : $100 max. she'll feel bad otherwise but i think this is so kind!
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RichardDR : if u have enough money, take higher price; otherwise, take a silver one between 50 to 100$.
good luck!
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Joseph Qk : i am 13 years old.i want to buy dlc in dcuo.i have two proplems.1-i dont have the money.
2-i dont have a credit card.
i found i can make money with a website called slice the is not a scam.
the proplem is that i need a credit card to put my money on it via paypal. my father wont give me mother doesnt have one.what shall i do.
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swmssozshjgp : what is dlc in dcuo
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Kifeinfeteeks : Well you're 13 so there's nothing else you can're too young to open up a bank account so basically there's nothing you can do.
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