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expahReal : I have bought a bunch of magnetic earrings online, and they don't stick to my ears, they keep falling

Anything I can do to make the magnetism more strong?
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stemfft : I don't think so, maybe you can use tape, not strong tape but clear tape, and whenever you feel them falling off go to the bathroom and use some more tape. But I don't think that you can make the magnetism stronger. Hope I helped!
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lCareyBridgesc : I need these asap.
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Axollumsclimi : I'm still paying off a credit card but i got rid of the actual cc card awhile back so i wouldn't be able to use it back then. But kinda need $$ now and thought of that account. Would it be possible that i'm still paying off my credit card but not be able to use it again? or if i'm still paying i can still use my balance?
thanks for that. if i closed it or they did for me. would i be able to open it again? is that possible or would i have to apply for it again?
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acestirrermaf : Bad move, but:
Chances are the account is still open unless you closed it or they closed it on you.
You can call and verify this.
They can send you a new card in the mail (about 7 days).

One of these days get seriously mad at yourself for not having an
Emergency Fund Savings Account.
What if you lost your job? Or had other emergencies?
They will not re-open an account.
They may make you apply all over again, and you get a new card.
Once a credit card is closed, they do not re-open it.
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dokoccund : I am 26 and my credit score is 536. All from debt from when i was 18-19. I didn't work and just accepted every credit card thrown my way. 2 credit cards, a Sprint account and a bank account all totaling about $3000. All the accounts are either closed or in collections. I didn't use my credit at all for about 5 years. I got a car loan from Toyota in 2011 (i work for Lexus), a credit card with a $300 limit and 2 student loans are the only recent things on my report, all within the last 2 years. ALL those 4 are in good standings with no missed or late payments. Should i pay off the old debts? or wait for them to fall off? I just need to get my score up, it is like literally impossibly to live life as an adult without a decent credit score. I wish in high school they taught you about credit and REAL life stuff. Any all suggestions welcomed! Thank you!
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marcinovolok : Negative items stay on your credit report for 7 years, starting from the original default date, then they fall off naturally by themselves. If you had all these defaults when you were 20, then these items will stay on your credit report for about one more year then come off by themselves. Paying off the old debts will not fix your credit score. If you pay they would get marked as Paid with a $0 balance and stay for whatever is left of the 7 year reporting cycle. Contacting debt collectors over old defaults like this can stir up more trouble than it's worth: they might get really aggressive and start demanding twice the original amount of the debt.
You were the last of a generation that was able to get credit cards at age 18. The laws were thankfully changed.
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CialisFree : 1) pay off debt as soon as possible
2) always pay bills on time
3) Have a high credit/debt ratio
4) If you can no longer get a credit card, set up a prepaid card to show credit activity
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Cryclorgo : A credit score is based on a 12 month activity and goes up 5 to 10% per month providing you are paying on time. The credit card and the student loans are being reported but because of the the previous defaults, it is pulling down your score. Once the 7 1/2 years on the defaults comes to age, they will fall off. Then your score will start to go up. It will probably take a good 18/24 months of activity to get to a good score of 660/749. Just be a little patient.
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LinuraGamtova : when do i get my deposit back in my secured cc? and when do i get extra charged there?
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