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Groolipioli : The feather extensions. In my opinion that is not a style. I'd rather have the feather earrings, which I've bought myself for Christmas.

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LoonryAnync : I've had feather barrettes before, and other feather hair accessories JUST never cared for anything dangling my ears and pulling them down adding weight to my ears.
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ReliplapseVop : I think feather extensions look good on some people, bad on others. It depends on your hair color, face, etc. I think they're okay... but some are just plain hideous. Others can look fantastic! :P Guess beauty's in the eye of the beholder.
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Tereshechko : I just ordered a debit/credit card through Chase and was curious if there waa any way to obtain my card # and exp date and all that prior to recieving the card? I have already loaded money on the account just want to buy something online. Sorry if dumb question, just my first bank account. Thanks :)
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harbour3730 : Sorry... the answer is NO.

That is one of the security features... you will have to have the actual card in hand to get at the numbers on the card. The bank will not tell you over the phone what the number is. You simply can't prove 100% over the phone that it is really you that is asking for that information.
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hiegululnenny : You can try calling your bank and ask them to give you the information on your card but I doubt they will
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Chidaimampham : I am paying off my credit card of $1,000 and recently am out of a job. Is there any way I can ask if I can have payments extended for a few months so I won't have to pay until I get a job again?
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lkxmqxgmil : You must make the minimum payment--usually 2% of the balance--every month.
If you cannot, it is best to let your credit card company know.
That means you would owe $20 per month.
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brian1234 : Sure. Call the customer service number, choose the option where you can speak to an agent, and ask if you can get an extension. Some companies might be willing to do it, others might not. A lot of it will depend on your credit history and past behavior with that card.
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Slolcadly : Make the minimum payments... even if it means you need to borrow $20 to $40 bucks from a friend or relative and send the credit card company a money order every month.

Do not call them and let them know you are in trouble... chances are they will close your account and demand immediate payment or put you on a payment plan that requires you send the minimum payment every month. Either way you haven't gained anything and a credit card account that is closed by the issuer... is a very bad thing on your credit report.
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