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ringajm150 : I like original jewelry, I cant stand buying jewelry and then see ten other people wearing the exact same thing! Any websites would be appreciated!

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Atteddyarethy : That's all you need to know.
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Pitiarliawn : Mostly at markets. They usually make their own jewellry with unique, beautiful jewelley and designs and set their own shop to sell at the markets. Try and find something like this around your area.
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gethanl : I like this specific jewelry maker... the website is
They make all hypo-allergenic jewelry which is perfect for my sensitive skin and they have some pretty cute designs. I have plenty of stuff from them and their prices are reasonable for unique jewelry.
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wd69irnuwb :

Everything they sell is either handmade or vintage
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Peawbasledefe2007 : Etsy is a big hit, there are also lots of other retailers that are selling handmade pieces from local artist. Take a look around, you will find a lot of sites. Hope this helps!
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Spredogrek : There are always little stalls at the Flea or Saturday and Sunday market with a nice lady running the business. I do not know any websites that feature handmade jewelry for sale, but if you ever have time the suggestions I have made are a good start to finding some nice jewelry. It's all original, so there won't be a whole other group of people wearing the same bracelet, necklace or anklet.
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qcharlesc : I currently have a US Bank FlexPerks select rewards card; they upgraded my student card after a couple years. Basically the rewards blow, and I was hoping to convert it to a US Bank Cash+, but I didn't want to get another card and I know better than to cancel a no annual fee card.

Also, as a side question, does anyone know what credit bureau they will pull (I live in Missouri since I've heard it's area based)? Two of my scores are good, but one has a negative mark that does not fall off for a couple years.
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4seoonekenobl : Hi everyone I'm a real conservative when it come to spending money don't get it confuse with being tight I just like to have the extra to spend on what I like doing I'm trying to find the credit card with the best cash back any suggestions?
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Sleeryrub : So my dad just got this letter in the mail from Union Workers Credit Services that said he had been approved for $10k on a credit card, he only had to pay 37 dollars for the fee. One side of me says "Hey, common sense this is a scam" but the other side of me says "$10k dollars? Wow that's a lot of money we could use." Please, has anyone else sent the 37 dollars if they got this letter? Is this really a scam?
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