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1senukexf : my friend said i can make my own phone jewelry like as in the little dangly you put onto your phone... Is it possible?? easy? How can i do it ten points (:

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Spoblororne : to be fair by the time you buy the chord, crimps, crimpers & charms you would be better just buying one
unless you are looking to sell them and buy in bulk
even then the supplies are cheap
but so is selling them, you wont get much for each one
they take seconds to make and will cost you more to post them than you will make on them

fun if you want to make some for your friends etc
but not worth making one for yourself, or to make money
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emapseassew : You can design you own case but it will take quite a bit of time. If you need an idea of what im talking about then get on youtube and type in ihaveacupcake phone case design and it should be this hello kitty design she made. It will have the time used and how many days it took, the glue she used and everything.
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Sonephede : like i ordered something from 4ever 21 and then i cancelled the order and now the lady said that i need to wait 30 days for the money to come back on my card.

why do i need to wait for the money to be put back on my card?

just wondering...
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azikmanich : Because until the money is back on the card you have no money to spend.

Plain and simple. If it takes them 30 days to put it back on the card then you will have to wait that long.
A bit farfetched but yes, it can take between 10 to 30 days to get a refund onto a prepaid.

Next time... make up your mind before you type in that card number.
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Bdyysre : Does Razer accept prepaid cards?
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Bythindseitty : I made a purchase with my gift card on a website, but the website said that my purchase couldn't be made and to try again shortly. So I tried again three times, with the same result. I went onto the gift card website to check my gift card balance, and it said that there were four pending purchases from the website that I was on earlier. I tried calling the number on my gift card to get three of those purchases removed multiple times. Each time a voice mail answered, and told me to tell the 16 digit card number and "press" some button, or to "press" start and report a missing card. I tried giving them the card number, but the voice mail said that they didn't get the correct response, and then hung up. Can some please help me and tell me what they mean by "pressing" buttons on my phone?
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plotolacy : not all website accept visa gift cards
those charges are only authorizing charges they will fall off in day or
all merchants do this [gas station do it for higher amount[
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intuiciog : I'm 17 and the only way I figured I could buy Pro membership on Screencast O'matic is by making Paypal and putting my gift card info on there. It worked and all I have to do is click buy. I heard that it doesn't work but I also hear it does. Can I?
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Plattegat : If you register the card online. I think it should would. Go to their website it should be on the card and register that **** and then go to PayPal enter the visa info and it should work
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