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ChemeWhibre : would a turtle neck look cute??

thanks everyone!
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Tainiobby : You'll get good answers from the Experts and members at Ask Us Web. I can't post the URL, but you can google "Ask Us Web" and click their link.
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hanoInsoxia : You could wear a cut whit shirt with the same color blue stuff
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Petertymn : yeah a turtle neck should do
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7forexb : I'm looking to donate to a server online, but i'm 15 and I can't use a credit card. They only accept through paypal so would it be possible to buy a pre-paid debit card at like a gas station or any store that sells them with money already on it. Then use that to pay online? Any help is appreciated :)
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Daudiodia : No. Paypal does not accept prepaid cards.
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gopotrev : I want to pay people online but I don't have credit cards. I only have a bank account and money in it and I've added it to my PayPal account but it changes nothing and my PayPal account still hasn't been verified.

Help me, I need to pay/buy online and my PayPal account is good for nothing.

Please help!!

(some guy suggested me to 'add debit card' to my PayPal account for my account to charge money directly from my bank account. But, how? There's only an 'add/edit bank account' option and it says I can't add funds from bank account and that I need to verify my PayPal account first.)

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malopivva : Are you in the US? There was no problem for me getting my PayPal verified without a credit card. It was a simple matter of linking the bank account. Check the "verify" section on the PayPal site again. There should be a process for making it work.
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poequeexpep : Not usually. They should only let the card holder buy things with it, if they're a reputable shop.
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annenseJoulge : It depends on the store, but most will let you use it. Especially if you have an ID showing you have the same last name.
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