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ugg675o : I have a ring with a stone that is sterling silver... I'm allergic to sterling silver but I like the stone. Someone told me that jewelers can't resize sterling silver rings. Is this true? I was hoping to have a jeweler remove the stone from the setting and replace it into a ring of another metal. But if they don't cut sterling silver can I even do this?

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Ubnolermep : Yeah you can have the jewel transported to another ring
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coachoutletolkc : Last month i turned 18, i applied for a few credit 2-3...i got turned down by 2, and i havent heard from the other one....also my car broke down and the dealer wanted to run my credit...idk why but they did....i finally got a credit card but would like to know if these inquiries affected it...

When i turned 18 i had gotten a cellphone contract for the phone itself since i always been paying my own cellphone bill since thats in my credit and i make sure to pay it atleast 2weeks before due...

I have a job and also going to college, i just want to know if that mess i made messed me up..

Also i want to know how fast can i raise my credit in a year. If i have no credit and i use my credit card at 30% or less...i just want to use it for gas and my cellphone bill and pay off the balance on the spot, as if i had my debit card that i was using..

Im very cautious and i HATE DEBT....i have no expenses as of right now and im saving for a car cash because i dont want a car from the im very strict on spending what i have and only that
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slospaphoro : Hard inquiries affect your credit minimally. Cell phone bills don't build credit since CREDIT was never issued to you. There is no way to build credit fast. It takes 2 years of actual credit usage (not just paying monthly bills) just to be established. At 18 you just don't have the history to get good credit.
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Ceanolobgenly : I am a vons employee and I want to get my 5% employee rewards faster. Just buying the visa gift card does not apply towards it. Is it possible to buy a visa gift card with vons gift cards?
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Evarroria : No you cannot.
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ImassyjageDam : I'm 18 and want to start building credit just wondering whats my best option
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yangxh63o : 18 or not - do you have at least 12 months of work? they want to know you income.
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hervebwb : MasterCard is the best credit card option
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bumambiffs : One with no fees to have the card.

If you pay the balance off in full every statement, the interest rate that will be charged will not be a problem.

Some cards give cash back on purchases.
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