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Kifeinfeteeks : My necklace broke and I dont wanna lose my charm so I was thinking about taking it to the jewelers and see if its possible to weld them together and how much it would cost to get it done

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beiftequise : It might be possible to fuse it, but it probably wouldnt be a weld it would most likely be a sauder
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rarsepoetry : Any one who repairs jewelry can solder it back together.
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OXarden : 18 female, i dont know how to build my credit up. I never had a debit, prepaid or credit card. Never had a bank account. How do i go about applying for unsecured credit cards with no credit or bad credit.
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kViktuk : I'm trying to get a $100 US dollar bill and a $20 dollar bill. Is there a way to order it online using my credit card information?
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MaydayQuizbiz : No. Go to a bank.
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crydayspusync : You will have to go to a bank and ask for a cash advance of $120. Make sure your credit card issuer allows cash advances. The interest rate on cash advances is generally quite high (18-29%) and will start immediately - no grace period on cash advances.
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InordIgnopy : ONLINE??? Please cut up that credit card ASAP before you hurt yourself!
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Sleeryrub : How do you normally pay your credit card, from a checking or savings account? Just walk into that bank, and withdraw the money, specifying the denominations you want. That's if you're in the US.

If you're elsewhere in the world, some large banks will have US currency, and yours may, especially if it has US-based branches. If not, you'll have to withdraw the money in your local currency, and go to a currency exchange. The bank can advise you as to where to find one.

The key is to physically walk into a place. I doubt any offers to get cash online are legitimate, there are too many opportunities for fraud on both ends.
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Mumemupspaw : Post office
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