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swmssozshjgp : Why can girls wear guys clothing and when a guy wears girls clothing they get judged?

Why can't I wear what I want? Today some girls at stitches who work there were talking in the way I was dressed so I got really mad and when I passed by I said "I am not gay you stupid piece a ****" I know it was harsh but I cannot take people judging me. I am into fashion and lots of girls clothes look good on me. I dress somewhat feminine and want to be able to wear make up. I am not gay but I am different. I would say I am metro sexual and want to be more androgynous in the way I look and dress. I am a good looking guy and really handsome so a lot of female clothes look good on me. The way I dress looks good on me but I can't take people judging me so I decided to be manlier and make the random people of society and my family happy. They always hate who I am. I just can't take all this pressure of society that I am turning into an asshole. Girls hate me cause they hate feminine men, they only want manly men who treat them like whores and to be honest I want to change to a jerk so I can treat random girls like whores so I can show to them I am not gay. I hate everyone and everything. I can't be who I am cause of society.

I know but a lot of girls clothes look good on me and when I shop for guys clothing I always go for fashionable type of clothing and a more feminine type.

Today I wore make up and it was noticeable, wore my black wide leg skinny fit jeans/skinny flared, my denim and leather jacket, a girls fancy jersey black and white top from H&M, my black rock designed scarf, jewellery and high heel boots and they were all clothes from the girls section.

I will report any harsh answers or insults.
I will commit suicide soon.
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igoRaafkty : Society sucks don't let it get to you
who cares what other people think? rock the clothes you like!
move to new york? fashion city!!!!(:
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AbnoneeIodiniX : I lost my job about a month ago and bills are piling up. I'm wondering if there are any safe places online that will give you a short term loan with no income? I've applied for unemployment and was recently offered a job but haven't started yet. So I wanted a short term loan to pay off this months bills......anybody know what I can do?
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ArtemQSD : we call them 'pawn shops' here.

no one loans to none working people
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Edinvandave : you will have a better chance of getting accepted for an aqua credit card .
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QGshon : I'd like you to give me $1,000 but I have absolutely no way to pay it you see the problem on the other end?
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mengya1w8g8 : I have a judgement against me for about 6000.00. I just got a job, and I want to pay them back. I can only pay $100 a month. If I enter a payment agreement will the debt collector report to the credit agency that I have entered into a payment agreement? and will the payment be shown on my credit report like a credit card payment? Also if I enter a payment agreement, can the debt collector still add the statutory interest rate? Any other info on how to tackle this problem will be greatly appreciated!
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flekopa : bad credit usually lasts for several years on your records

capitalists will be more lenient if you committed murder, but if you are late repaying a nickel or dime, financially you serve a life sentence
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milk72230 : Actually, with a judgement against you and a job, the collection agency will most likely not agree to a settlement and will agree to a payment plan. Why you ask - because first, they have gone to the trouble of going to court which costs money (and you will be charged for that). They now have options to pursue the entire debt (wage garnishment being one). So, there is no longer a need to settle. Second, if you make an offer to pay in payments, the court will not allow them to get a wage garnishment - a payment offer from you indicates to the court that you are making a concerted effort to pay the judgment.

Only if you can't reach a payment agreement or fail to keep up with scheduled payments will the judge grant relief.
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glenckistr : Interest rates on judgments are governed by both state law and your credit card agreement. The collection agency can add interest.

With a judgment, the collection agency can garnish wages and seize bank accounts. You are not in the best position to negotiate with them. I would still try to do it, though. If you save up your money and have lump sum cash, they might be more willing to take a lower offer.

Most likely they will accept a payment plan, but collection agencies are notoriously bad about adding interest and "management" fees to collections making them very difficult to pay. If they are not garnishing your wages, it's probably better to wait to pay them and save up as much money as you can and offer them a lump sum.
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