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hahAltessyrar : I'm looking for the diamond cc earrings but I can't find them online in the store website, fake ones are fine too . Help ?

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FIDonald : I have bought two Coco Chanel earrings from You can go to their to have a look.
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Paisymomtoori : hello,

i just want to add my wife as a authorized user on my credit cards.
she is a non US citizen and just moved here.

i thought the above will help her build the credit history.

but, i dont want to give her SSN to the credit card companies while adding her as an authorized user.

will this still be OK.
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GokGlarlAbort : Make her joint. Show her respect.
She is an equal to you. Not a child.
Joint will build credit faster. Just pay that card in full each month.
What is the fear about giving ssn number.
Boy, there must be so much more to this story.
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paxilelavill : i thought they activate it after you bought it so i went up they said they activated it and every time i try to buy anything online it says "Please provide a valid credit card number." ??????????
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jellettmictez : I was trying to sign up but it won't verify my credit card. Do I need money in my account or what?
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nunkCurpittee : Credit cards are a line of credit. You don't put money in the account. Are you trying to use a debit card? Not all sites will accept debit cards. That could be your problem.

But if you are using a debit card, yes, you would have to have funds available. They likely do a pre-authorization. They intend to charge you monthly fees after that 7 day period expires.
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Cryclorgo : Due to ill health 4 years ago I was unable to work and therefore unable to pay a few debts which has left me with two defaults under my name.

I've paid one debt and the other is still half paid (very long story there but I only paid what I knew was what was owing - they wanted $1000 more and I refused to pay it, especially as it was already in default).

The two debts were from March 2009 and June 2009. That said - I understand that as of June 2014 these will both be cleared from my record as it would have been 5 years. The credit report advises that the defaults will be removed from my file after 5 years from the date it was put on there.

Back in 2010 - before I was fully aware of the default, my credit card with a large Australian bank (won't name it but its one of the big 4) offered me a credit limit increase. I agreed but it was subject to credit check. I failed it so the increase wasn't approved. Does this mean that I will likely never get credit with that bank ever again as they would put this information into their database? And is this the same for any other agencies I may have applied for credit to and been declined due to default on my file?

If that is the case, does this mean that when my file is once again clear - that I am better off applying for a loan to another bank that I have not dealt with and who has never seen my credit file? I am thinking in terms of buying a house in the future. I have the deposit I am just waiting for my credit file to clear.
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kotelekokd : Careful with the "will be cleared" idea.
They can sue at the last moment, even for small amounts.
Credit cards have been known to sue for amounts as small as $300.

If you need a mortgage in a few years, deal with another bank.
The bank keeps your name on records for decades.
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