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UndedsNance :

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preadledema : yes. yes they are.
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tmisuextp : yes, they are very gay
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GopEsopleTege : the second ones arn't as bad as the first. the first one is really ugly...i wouldn't say the second ones are gay.
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Royalryaxopay : Guys look better in really simple studs imho. but if you like them a lot, who is anyone else to tell you not to wear them?
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LFsonia : there's nothing called gay, you yourself make them/more accurately call them gay. if you like them thn why don't you wear them? atleast you will be satisfied!
and ofcourse i would advice you to bear simple silver/platinum/gold earrings (the slightly flattened ones, hope u understood), they look really cool.
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aqfcdnh631 : I think all man-earrings look gay, but if you like them, get them. You shouldn't choose everything you wear based on what it says about your perceived sexuality.
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Gary_alarygosy : Do you need to open a bank account (checking or savings) with Chase in order to apply for their Chase Freedom Credit Card?

Also, I have a credit card with my bank with only a $300 limit. I pay a little more than the minimum each month, payments are never late, and I've had this card for 14 months. Before that I've never established any sort of credit. I make about 10-11,000 a year and still live With my parents.

With that said, what are the chances of me being approved for a Chase Freedom Card? And how much credit do you estimate they'll give me? Thanks!
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Jeojeryceby : Warning: Why are you carrying a balance with your current card?
Did you know this can only hurt your credit?
For those top scores, pay in full each month.
Not the minimum, not more than the minimum, but in full.
Do not believe the lies that carrying balances is good for you.
Since you are currently hurting your score, you might not qualify for another card.

No, you do not need to open an account to get a credit card.
Now, turn your life around, pay that card in full and develop good credit.
I bet you they would have increased your limit automatically if you were using that card wisely.
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BUYINGEFFEXOR : If a 13 year old wants to help out and go buy groceries, can their parents give them their credit card to buy the groceries? Or is that illegal?
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