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Pesepiopabs : I have several Diamonds, silver, and other jewelry that I need to sell. Where do you suggest I go?

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lizatteda : I have had a lot of experience with Samuelson's Buyers. They just opened a seller in Washington DC.
They provide AWESOME service and give great offers.
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QUEUEREDYPE : I need to clail for PPI mis selling and need details of all my old credit cards
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7forexb : I'm looking to donate to a server online, but i'm 15 and I can't use a credit card. They only accept through paypal so would it be possible to buy a pre-paid debit card at like a gas station or any store that sells them with money already on it. Then use that to pay online? Any help is appreciated :)
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Daudiodia : No. Paypal does not accept prepaid cards.
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alexpril : So now that the pin came, bank said id get it within 7, ten business days that was on the 16th, so the card will be there monday right?
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NitengekGen : 10 business days looks like the 30th.
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vitalykim : It should be anywhere from the 29th to the 31st.
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GoarcedsScaro : just got a credit card, i'm 18. what is my "credit standing" or "credit score" if i have never used my card. like the account is set up but my card is barely being mailed to me :p
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Miztiessy : Be extremely careful not to accumulate an on-going balance on your card. Use it at least once a year to keep it active, and pay it off as soon as you get the bill. That's how you will build your credit. Just having the card doesn't build a good credit score: paying it "as agreed" and not maxing it out does.

That was not a stupid question. :)
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