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9a4bq9t1x :

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zakladykliczko : I use online banking I set up a payment and I paid £70, more than the minimum £5

It still says "minimum payment £5 to be paid by 09 august" Is is because I paid it too soon? even though I paid it for this months credit? (my month is 20th-19th of each month) should I ignore it or phone the bank?
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srfecti644 : You can resolve this by asking a professional. A dispute manager is what you need.
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anydayerast : ye sometimes if you make 1 off payments they dont get added to the auto minimum payment.

But always best to phone the bank as they will be very helpful, and normally sort it in minutes.

It may just be the timing of payments
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ziperhapsem : I would give it 2-3 days for the website to update & if still nothing them phone them up
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coachoutletolkc : Last month i turned 18, i applied for a few credit 2-3...i got turned down by 2, and i havent heard from the other one....also my car broke down and the dealer wanted to run my credit...idk why but they did....i finally got a credit card but would like to know if these inquiries affected it...

When i turned 18 i had gotten a cellphone contract for the phone itself since i always been paying my own cellphone bill since thats in my credit and i make sure to pay it atleast 2weeks before due...

I have a job and also going to college, i just want to know if that mess i made messed me up..

Also i want to know how fast can i raise my credit in a year. If i have no credit and i use my credit card at 30% or less...i just want to use it for gas and my cellphone bill and pay off the balance on the spot, as if i had my debit card that i was using..

Im very cautious and i HATE DEBT....i have no expenses as of right now and im saving for a car cash because i dont want a car from the im very strict on spending what i have and only that
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slospaphoro : Hard inquiries affect your credit minimally. Cell phone bills don't build credit since CREDIT was never issued to you. There is no way to build credit fast. It takes 2 years of actual credit usage (not just paying monthly bills) just to be established. At 18 you just don't have the history to get good credit.
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songfeng305 : I have asked this question before and someone just told me it's because of student loans, and I just assumed that it must be student loans then.

But, I just tried to apply for a car loan (with my brother as a co-signer) and they said he didn't have a credit score at all but for some reason I do.

As far as the similarities between the two of us, neither of us has ever had a credit card, we don't have any bills (we both pay my parents for our phone/insurance etc) but nothing to build credit. We both have student loans (although he already graduated and has all his loans paid off and I am still in school and haven't paid a penny toward my loans).

As far as the difference between us, as mentioned he paid off all his loans. He has a full time job and has a lot of money in the bank.

I was surprised to find out I had a credit score, and even more surprised when my brother didn't. Does anyone know why I would have a credit score if I've never had a credit card or paid bills or anything? Is this something to be concerned about? My score is in the 600s so I'm not like, completely paranoid (mostly because I've heard it's a pretty good credit score) but I am not sure why I have one. And better yet, is there any where I can look or anyone I can ask to find out what gave me credit?

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ytcyseo : to have a score, you needed to have some kind of $ transaction with a loan co.
try to remember what you did.
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POUGPULLYCOLO : You both need to pull your credit reports. You can access your free annual credit report from each credit bureau online thru Reports are free, scores are not.

Your student loans can be giving you credit history even tho they are in deferment. If your brother has paid off his student loans, they should still show on his credit file -- unless they've been paid off for more than 10 years. He might not have a very good score, but he should have something. His credit history probably was too limited for him to be an acceptable co-signer, even with the paid off student loans.

It could also be that you are listed as an authorized user on one of your parent's credit cards. That would show on your credit report and count in your FICO score. But I would think your score would be a lot better if that were the case.

it could also be an error and something is showing that does not belong to you. You really need to check your actual credit reports to see what shows.
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