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tevatriaday : My roommate had everyone believing for the longest time that her fiance paid $15,000 for her absolutely gorgeous engagement ring. About a week ago, she got drunk and spilled the truth to me. They actually got it from Diamond Nexus and paid under $1,000 for this ring. She also shared with me that all the diamonds in the jewelry, such as crowns and necklaces at pageants, like Miss America, are provided by Diamond Nexus. So they aren't real MINED diamonds. But they're still supposedly just as good. Just wondering if anyone has any input on this? My man is wanting to get me a ring, but doesn't want to buy one that is absolute crap. I hear that some get discolored and such. Has anyone owned a Diamond Nexus ring for a substantially long enough time to prove whether or not this would be a good investment for he and I in the long run? Or do you know of any better lab created diamond companies? Or would you recommend just going old fashioned with a regular mined diamond?
I've been reading up on it, and some people believe it to be just an expensive, coated cubic zirconia.
Any other companies that are REAL diamonds for less expensive than mined diamonds??

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Promocupx : i currently have a pre paid mobile phone. On my recent holiday overseas i was using the internet a lot and it was using up heaps of my credit. So i used my parents credit card to recharge my account. I unfortunately though lost count of how many times i had done it and it turns out that after my parents looked on the credit card statement they noticed that i had recharged 8 times in a couple of weeks! They have contacted telstra and have found out that it was from my phone but they only think i recharged it once whilstt i was away so they think it is some scam or fraud thing! Is there anyway that by them contacting telstra they will be able to find out it was just from me on facebook and stuff or is there no way of them finding out?! Thanks this is pretty urgent too!!
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PerGriple : If they suspect fraud it will definitely be looked in to.
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vedslonse : I was approved for a Kohl's charge card the other day. My Bitdefender ID Theft Protection notified me that there was a change in my credit score. Of course it's the free ID Theft Protection so no specifics. I don't want to freak out for no reason. I have very good credit, pay bills on time, and never missed a payment. Could this cause a change?
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malLalebalk : Ok so i don't have the money for something right now that i need so i was thinking of using my credit card to purchase it.
Usually i have the money for the things i need so using a credit card has never really been needed.
However i don't have as much money right now so a credit card is needed for this item which i really need....

....Before using it though i wanted to make sure i'm not digging myself a grave that will one day be owned by the bank lol.
Here we go...

- The item which i need to purchase is $300. I can pay $120 for it straight away but the rest ill need some time for.
- My annual interest rate is 19.9%
- I have an interest free grace period of 21 days (whatever this means)
- My minimum payment is 2% or $10 then it says this after in small writing.."Your minimum payment will be the greater of 2% of the outstanding balance shown on your account statement, or $10. You must pay the full amount of the new balance if it is $10 or less"
- You can view a PDF of all my credit card terms here -> (i am signed onto the student card.)

Could someone help me please ? Thanks.
I'm just looking to see how much i'd have to pay minimum a month and how much interest id be paying total, etc .
Im also curious as to --> if i pay the minimum payment all the way (until the item is paid for) how much would i be paying interest and how much would actually be going to pay off the product i purchased.

First person to answer this properly will be chosen as best answer. :)
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bornOwnence : There is a difference between want and need. If this is a necessity, repairs to your car to get back and forth to work; a medical procedure then use the credit card. If this is something you want, save the money and pay cash for it. Because really, if you can't save the money for it you can't make the payments to your credit card company.

Credit cards have a minimum payment each month but if that is all you pay it will take a long time and lots of interest to pay it off. If you have to have this and charge it pay it off as soon as you can.
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songfeng607 : Credit card companies like minimum payments . They make a lot of money off interest.

Pay the balance off as soon as possible.

The card statement should have a statement showing you what you will owe after a certain period of time and how long it will take you to pay it off. Keep in mind, you will be paying interest on the interest charges also, not just the amount of purchase.
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andremartin : Use the card for the purchase. Wait for the statement. Then pay as much as you can, but at least the minimum payment by the statement due date. The payment will be reported to the credit bureaus as on time.

If you pay the balance in full every month, you are not charged interest. That is the interest free grace period between the purchse date and the statement due date. That grace period will be at least 21 days as your statement due date is 21 days after the closing date.

Closing date: transactions before the closing date show on the current statement. Transactions after the closin date show up on the next statement and are not due till that statement due date. Thus it's possible to have more than 21 days.

If you do not pay the balance in full, you will be charged interest on the next statement. Interest is calculated by the monthly interest rate (APR divided by 12) times the average daily balance (total of each day's balance, divided by the number of days). The more you pay, the less interest you are charged.

Minimum payments are mostly eaten up by interest with only about 1% going to pay down the balance. If your minimum payment is 2% and your APR is 19.9%, your monthly interest rate would be about 1.6% and only about .4% would go to the balance. Needless to say, it would take a very long time to pay off the card and you would rack up a lot of interest during that time.

It is perfectly fine to carry a balance for a short period. Just work on paying it off as quickly as you can to save on the interest.
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toribhibblerg : I've just been refunded an amount from a paypal purchase. The refund that I received from an item that the seller did not have anymore, told me that they would send refunded money to my visa gift card, but I have yet to see a penny.

A few days ago I bought the Visa Card and spent 170 dollars in merchandise using paypal. They never had the merchandise, so they refunded 102.21 back, but when I checked the card, it said that there was still $5.38 (from other purchases)left in it.
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