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Brikinsale75 : Idk if its really a necklace cause its not made of diamond or gold or anything. It's like rocky and its white and it has pointy edges. It doesn't look to expensive and it is only slightly tight around the neck. Anyone know what I'm talking about. And if you do, do you know where to buy it?

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SpitlYslowito : Shark tooth necklaces, perhaps? Or made out of a type of shell?
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flusetlegmect : So, I have been selling some stuff on ebay, and It said to link my bank account to Paypal. So I did and my card says I have 0.00 available to buy. But at Paypal I have about 200 dollars to spend. Is there a way to put the money into the card, so I can spend it at other places?
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OXarden : 18 female, i dont know how to build my credit up. I never had a debit, prepaid or credit card. Never had a bank account. How do i go about applying for unsecured credit cards with no credit or bad credit.
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irriddick : I went to my bank of america branch nearby and said that I was interested in getting a student credit card, you know to build up credit. The representative explained that being that i just turned 18 i more than likely would need to start with one that required a security deposit, which would be fine with me. So she asked for my id and debit card being that i was a BoA customer, and filled out the application. Then 10 seconds later I was accepted, for what she called their best card and was given the lowest possible APR 12.99%. I recently had been trying to open new account at sprint and they told me I needed to pay a $400 deposit because of my credit, which to my understanding being that I turned 18 is non-existent. so why was I accepted for the card? do I actually have good credit? or is the card relatively easy to get? the card is a BankAmericard Cash Rewards Platinum Plus Visa.
Oh with 0% interest the first year
The card I was accepted for did not require a security deposit. One of the options or backup Cards in case I was denied would have required a deposit, but not the one i was accepted for.
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mashiwom : You do not want it. 12.99% is horrible plus you are paying for using your own money.

Do what my daughters have done. Two have listened to me and one actually did better than I suggested.

Get only one credit card. You need a gasoline credit card with a low limit $300 to $1000. Don't use it for routine gas purchases or to pick up hot dogs and ice on the way home from work.

Use it for the occasional emergency situation when you half way between here and there with a flat tire, out of gas, with a dead battery, stuck in a snow drift and need a warm cup of coffee or chocolate to survive. It has worked well for two of my daughters.

My third daughter did the same for a while and added a twist. She married a graduating doctor from Harvard University. It seems like she won't be stuck in many snow drifts in Fiji or Hawaii. Bummer. I wish dad had thought of that.
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MornOccaranog : Yes, you do want it. If you've already been accepted for this card, you certainly don't want to close it (unless there is an annual fee). Even if there is an annual fee, you're already stuck paying the first year - so you should use the card almost a year and then apply for another card before closing this one.

12.99% is not a bad interest rate for a first card. BUT, it shouldn't matter what the interest rate is because you should be paying your bill in full every month. If you pay in full every month, it doesn't matter if the rate is 2% or 89%. Pay in full and you'll never pay interest.

Use it at least once a month for something that you need to buy anyway (gas, food, etc.). Set that money aside immediately so that you have the full amount when the statement arrives.

Pay in full, but don't pay before the statement prints. If you pay before your cycle closes, then “zero” is going to be reported to the credit bureau as your usage, which won't help your credit score at all. Keep your utilization at, or below, 30% of your available credit to develop the best credit score. In other words, if you have a $500 limit on your card, you shouldn't have more than $150 in use when your cycle closes.

EDIT: The reason you may not have been able to get Sprint without putting down a deposit is because of lack of credit (not because you had bad credit). Some student cards are fairly easy to get (even though there are always people on here saying otherwise). BoA apparently is one of those.

Just don't let temptation to get to you (especially with having 0% for the first year)!! Even though you'll have 0% for the first year (and won't have to pay in full to keep from paying interest, it's best to get in the habit of paying in full every month. It's too easy to spend money that you don't have. Be smart, and a credit card can be a wonderful tool, both to help build credit and for convenience.
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Amommagum : OK so I don't have $500 for the xbox one but I want it terribly. I was thinking about getting an amazon credit card and paying for it in intervals. I will be building credit and pacing my budget. Do you guys think it's a good idea? Also, I will be getting $30 back to do so and I heard they give you the first 6 months interest free!
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InordIgnopy : Totally. Do it.
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