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emapseassew :

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Boeolermep : If you have the money, you can buy rare things.

Aluminum is also rare, but it is inexpensive because of recycling.
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Rachel_Colorado : An absolutely tiny proportion of the world's population own a diamond or diamonds, you are wrong. Even those people that do have diamonds tend to have quite small or low grade ones. Large diamonds of a carat or more that are perfect and free from all blemishes and faults are quite rare. The mining of diamonds is dangerous and difficult.
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Fbnolorfgd : Diamonds are actually not that rare at all. They were rare up unti the mid 19th century, but have become less and less so. Although the highest quality diamonds are the rarest, the supply of diamonds exceeds the demand. DeBeers (which controls 70% of the world's diamonds) and others artificially keep diamond prices high by stock-piling and releasing only small amounts of diamonds for sale. And STILL supply is greater than demand.
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ggafybp701 : Diamonds are not that rare!

However, there is a difference between jewellery- grade diamonds and industrial-grade diamonds, and the jewel-grade diamonds are controlled as to how they get released. DeBeers spends a lot of time making sure that the diamonds that are available are kept rare enough to keep the prices as high as possible.
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Veiskenia : Diamonds were scarce when they were picked up from stream beds having been washed out of natural deposits. Then it was discovered that they could be mined but the only way to make heaps of money was to perpetuate the myth that they're scarce. This was done by advertising them as a status symbol and controlling the supply to keep prices up, which started in the 1930s and continues today. Diamond engagement rings came from that ad campaign. Diamonds have little intrinsic value and if you try to sell the ordinary stone you'll get half or less of what you paid for it. It's all a marketing scam.
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AnthonyCH : they're not really rare. And the ones most people buy are maybe one karat.
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Meego2012 : As many of your answers state, diamonds are not very rare. They are also fairly easy to make. There is no real difference between industrial diamonds and natural ones. The companies which make industrial diamonds have agreements with the jewelry diamond companies, otherwise, they could make diamonds that were just as big as natural diamonds but that would swamp the market and prices would be realistic (instead of artifically inflated).
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Parkerb : So I'm using a PayPal account in all of my dads information. His real SSN. Real name, address, etc. I recently sold something and received a chargeback. It was for virtual items so obviously the buyer wins... I was thinking of just removing ALL my bank accounts/credit cards(it still lets me). Change the address/name. Then I thought that wouldn't work since they have a legit SSN... If I just leave my account there, I know they'll probably send it to debt collection, etc. Will that affect my dads credit score? He's been working really hard to get his credit rating up so he can buy us a new house. The balance is around $700 btw. Thanks.
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ArtemQSD : we call them 'pawn shops' here.

no one loans to none working people
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