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whetribather : So our first date is gonna be just before new years and her birthday is on the 30th, mine is one the 29th. I don't even know if she got anything and getting carried away as I usually do I decided I would buy her real blue topaz ear rings because they match her eyes. They weren't actually that expensive considering what they are (like under $300). Should I go with something cheaper? Or would it be a good gift? I don't really wanna **** everything up over something stupid like a present.

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torgonitoh : Thats really thoughtful but i think you will freak her out. I would go with something a lot less, like 30 dollars, wait and maybe give earring to her after you jave been dating a long time.
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MustafaForex : I don't think you should fIrst date because she might get mad that you did that for her. Is girls are like that. Also what happened when my cousin bought his girlfriend diamond earrings, my aunt didn't believe where she got them and thought she shoplifted them.
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SPbrain : its a great gift, but a little too soon, especially since its your first date. wait until it's like your 4 month anniversary after you've dated a couple times and are committed to a relationship. this might scare her thinking that you have already committed yourself before getting to know her. so yes, it's a good gift, but no, it is not the right time to give it to her. good luck and hope i helped
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fryulgnlrlww : My family member recently applied for a BoA cash rewards credit card and added my name as an additional cardholder. Since I have no information on the card, except for the name, will my credit be built?
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Paisymomtoori : hello,

i just want to add my wife as a authorized user on my credit cards.
she is a non US citizen and just moved here.

i thought the above will help her build the credit history.

but, i dont want to give her SSN to the credit card companies while adding her as an authorized user.

will this still be OK.
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GokGlarlAbort : Make her joint. Show her respect.
She is an equal to you. Not a child.
Joint will build credit faster. Just pay that card in full each month.
What is the fear about giving ssn number.
Boy, there must be so much more to this story.
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songfeng301 : I am not referring to those checks you get in the mail from the credit card company. I know "Bill Me Later" is not a credit card but it does act like a credit card. I have searched the web and only found vague answers. Some saying that it worked and some saying that it will not work. I called the credit card customer service number and they were good for nothing. I submitted the balance transfer from Bill Me Later already to my credit card and it has said pending for the last few days. I was told by chase that it could take 5-7 business days for it to go through. My payment due date for Bill me Later is coming up which is why I want to know the probability of this going through so I can get other funds together if I need to.
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aneloToma : if you have a bill me later charge, why would anyone move it to a credit card and get charged every month?????????
bill me later can be up to 12 months without a charge.
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eldesejeona : You should consider whether or not you KNOW that you'll be responsible with it and use it wisely.

Some people will tell you to consider the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) since that determines how much money you'll pay in interest if you don't pay the bill in full every month. However; since it's best to always pay in full, I wouldn't be overly concerned about the APR if it's a good card.

You don't have to consider rewards programs, but they're nice to have. So, unless you have bad credit (and wouldn't qualify for a rewards card), I would consider that.

I also consider whether the company has a good reputation for being user friendly. If you need to call their Customer Service department, you don't want to have to hold for an hour before reaching a grumpy person.

And, you should verify that they report to all three credit bureaus (but almost every card does anyway), so that all of them will have your good payment history on file.
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