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Prassepam : I was wondering if there were any online stores to buy JUST the ball for tongue rings? I imagine it would be much cheaper than buying the whole bar with the balls each time.

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Kraslibbb : Check first, look at all the stuff to look for in a bar bell tongue piercing
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forexnewbiexg : My fiancee had an interview last June 10 2013 the consul did not deny him nor gave him a visa instead they asked for a document to prove that I was making $23 thou so that I could provide for him and he won't be a public charge and since I recently got back here in the U S I provided them a employment verification letter so everything was sent to the u s embassy june 18 2013, when I first checked CEAC to follow up on his visa it says REFUSED and I also emailed them but they said it's under review, and when I checked CEAC today it say AT NVC my question is, what does that AT NVC means? Would it be possible that they approved him a visa? Or are we back to Zero?
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maleagersBiam : Is this to ensure that the card fees can be paid for?.. $60000 isn't really that high much. Any decent paying job right out of college would offer that...
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xbfreeslotsio : No. Some people need that limit.
Why carry around ten credit cards when one will do the trick?
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alinkamalishka : I bought a visa gift card a few weeks ago at walmart because I wanted to make an online purchase with it in the future. All the information was valid and I could check my balance and everything. I am aware that you have to register your card online to make online purchases. So that is exactly what I did. Now I want to make my purchase but when I put in my card information it was declined. So I went to the website to check my balance and it said my information was invalid. It wouldn't give me my balance or anything. I never used the card once. What is wrong and how can I fix it?
I'm trying to order from a website called Drop Dead and they do accept visa cards and I'm not using pay pal. I called the number on the back of the card but none of the information given to me helped
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breakmotio : Call the number on the back of the card.
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Amommagum : are you trying to use paypal they don't accept visa gift card
many sites don't honor them either
what website are you trying to order from?
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Toomadyettasy : I opened another Paypal account using a different bank account (but same name and SSN). It asked me to apply for Bill Me Later which I already have with my first Paypal account. Without thinking ( I was spacing out) I applied for Bill Me Later again but wasn't approved. My concern is that this is fraud since I already have a Bill Me Later account but applied again. Did it matter that the application didn't go through? Could I get in trouble for applying for the same credit card again?
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