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mmmbbbffff : Never had a credit card before, and I'm in a position where I'm starting to cover work expenses regularly out of pocket. Everything gets reimbursed to me monthly, so it will all get paid off, but hotels, supplies, food, whatever, its all going to go on this card and I want to reap the benefits. I want something that get me miles and just go towards vacation expenses like hotels etc. I'm not worried about interest rates much because its all going to get paid off monthly, so what do you guys have that you recommend?

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DegreeMoon : what credit limit does a chase slate credit card give. what credit limit does a chase slate credit card give
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Savannah_Hawaii : that is totally an individual answer they give nothing they grant credit to those based upon risk assessment. it could be $200 or 200,000 (actually I think chase does nothing under 1000 and of course 100K is the legal max)
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lincbibeder : I am coming up with the same figure I put on line 2 of the 982 form (the amount I am asking to not have calculated in my income). Some say use FMV for my personal use items and some say use the amount paid for the items. Which is it? Do I not qualify for the insolvency if line 2 and line 10a are the same amounts?
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Noxynerromo : I don't think form 982 applies to credit card debt unless you filed for bankruptcy or declared insolvency. General forgiveness as part of a settlement does not qualify. Lets say you owed $3,000 and the debt holder settled for $2,000, your forgiveness is $1,000. You would receive a 1099 for the $1,000 which is the forgiven amount. This amount must be shown on line 21 of your 1040.
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HeteHailm : My xhusband destroyed my identity,credit,forged my name to court documents,income tax refunds,credit cards,bank accounts,forged my name on truck title trying to get insurance refund.I just found out he is a pedi file. DSS gave him temp custody of my 2 young daughters.Local police department and DSS refuse to help.What type of lawyer do I need to help me with all these problems and to press charges against him? Im in need of deseparate help please!
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Rachel_Colorado : u need a mean blood thirsty vile vicious lawyer
with a putrid hatred of such a slim ball.

stay calling local lawyer and explain ur situation
some one will give u referral.
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Fbnolorfgd : You need a criminal attorney (one that deals with all the legal issues you outlined above). Also, I would pursue regaining custody of your daughters, this creep just may be "having fun" with them, and I don't mean playing dolls. If local PD and DSS aren't heeding your warnings, then you should get them to review this freak's legal (ha!) past for any police record/s of child abuse/molestation. That kind of parent is the worst to give child custody to.
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Pusakates : I'd start with a tax attorney who is also a CPA in regards to the income tax, credit as well as the truck title Perhaps they could recommend an attorney in regards to your order problems. Unfortunately I been happily married for 40 years so I have no idea what pain you are going through.
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maleagersBiam : I have been looking for a very long time now and was just wondering if anyone knew where i could get a virtual visa card. This is not for any illegal reasons its just id like to have some funds saved up in an account nobody knows about for a rainy day.

Okay so i am searching for:
-MUST be a visa card that doesnt require any identification credentials (completely anonymous)
-MUST have no minimum deposit fee
-MUST must be able to bank online

These conditions are preferabble but not necessary:
-can be prepaid but i need an instant card number with expiry date and CCV
-no transaction fees
-no monthly fees

Thank you very much for your time and take care.
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