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Promocupx : I got a mastercard 100$ gift card from a store and I want to purchase a pair of sneakers from and the ask for a code and pin, where is this located? Please help.

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oblipspog : I don't have the exact number but my credit score is low to poor. If i get a 500 limit secured card through a credit union and make all my payments on time per month for 12 months, how much will my credit improve? Would it improve enough to be in the clear at least for apartment housing approval? I know this is case by case but still curious. Will spending more per month (the full $500) and paying off per month on time improve it faster, too?
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yangxh63o : Getting more credit cards and making the payments doesn't help the already existing problem, it can harm it if you start to miss payments. In order to fix already existing credit problems, have to either pay the balances off so they will show a 0 balance owed or if the company is in a good mood, they will report to credit bureau and have removed from your report. The other option is to wait 6-8 years for it to fall off your report on it own. People get additional credit cards to show movement on their credit report.
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Ìîêëàøèí : " Will spending more per month (the full $500) and paying off per month on time improve it faster, too?" NO. This will destroy your score. Get it and make a small charge each month to generate a payment history. Never go over 30% of your limit. Your balance is usually reported once per month and isn't maintained in real time.
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daunkwoorousa : if i pay my credit card payments on time, i wont have to pay interest right. if i pay my credit card payments on time, i wont have to pay interest right
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NeSkise : only if you pay the complete balance
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hititapsecato : you have to pay the full amount each month to avoid interest.
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andremartin : YES, if you pay the entire amount due
It's the smart way to use credit cards, paying them off in full every month
Pay in full, and on time (BEFORE due date)
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BabFibShooria : Your English grammar is extremely poor. It is as if you did not pay attention in class. Try separate sentences for each though. You also show a deep aversion to capital letters. Makes for a confusing statement. In case you are not aware of this simple step, credit cards companies have phone numbers with customer service reps ready to answer your questions. There are hundreds of thousands of credit cards and each card has a different arrangement. Many charge interest from the day each transaction was completed. We have no clue as to your specific one. Asking here, in your incorrect grammar, tells me you need more information BUT from the company your credit card or cards are associated with. VISA and MASTERCARD do not issue credit, banks do. Call and find out. And please note that your device has a SHIFT key to make the capital letter required by English grammar rules.
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beetryked : A credit score is based on a 12 month activity and goes up 5 to 10% per month providing you are paying on time.However, you should always wait for the statement to verify the balance is correct. In 12 months you'll have a fair score (620/659), 24 a good score (660/749) in 36 or more, an excellent score (750/840). The last 2 score(s) is what you need to get a lower rate on a mortgage.
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