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CobyStoll : ..before it goes to your old address and someone else finds it? I am leaving for my cousin's place but I applied for a prepaid debit card. It's Saturday(today) If I change my address on Monday with the post office? Will the card come to my new address? Is there still time? Thanks:)

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TeeFThescen : I am not sure why I was only allowed a limit of 500 dollars? This is the amount they give to college student that are usually just starting out. I have a good credit score for my age and that reflects that I always pay my bills. I make around 950-1300 dollars a month and it shows because I have direct deposit with them. I have a 300 dollar credit limit card with USAA that I have been paying on time every month. So, why would i want a only +200 dollar limit you give out to 18 year old college student that probably have no credit? It makes no sense to put me in that category because I already have good credit. The safe worker that was helping me said it was because I have only been working at my job for a couple of months. Ok, so why did my friend who was 19 at the time and just got the job, but had not even started working yet got a 700 dollar limit? He also didn't even have credit yet! I have no idea what the people at safe are thinking, and I do not really understand why they gave me that limit? So, anyone have any good guesses? Oh yea i was only asking for a 1500 dollar limit, and for a 23 year old that is not that much.
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jasonapinaq : your income is to low I am surprised they even gave you any credit since your income is below 18K you should be happy denial would have been the prudent thing under reg T. Also different lenders do different things or your friend could have lied about income to them or you about limit.
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engigMeme : Perhaps they just have a policy about this, or maybe something in your credit history.

This was probably a decision made by a computer and not a human.
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enurmouse : i already have two credit cards with $1000 limit i have had for two years. I am thinking about getting a $3000 secured card.
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suethoche : secured card help my credit. secured card help my credit
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EduKui-Heru : Depends, how are your balances? Secured cards are for people that are trying to rebuild or establish credit. You should be able to qualify for a regular card if you have low balances, income, and pay your bills on time. Why shell out $3000 to try and improve your credit. For that go put a down payment on a car and build your credit that way.
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quegoglenossy : a third card will not help. Keep your balances low on the cards you have now and pay in full each month.
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ReepExcax : I'm a senior high school student and going college in 5 months.
Since I'm an adult now, I have decided to get a credit card to start building my own credit for the future.
But I have a problem here.
Since I'm a student, I don't have any credit history. Also, I haven't get a job yet, so I'm totally dependent on my parents for financial (They give me average of $100 per month. That's my income)
I don't know what to do.
I do really need to start building my credit.
Somebody please help me.
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cskc8057 : No. You can get a pre paid one only. Meaning you give your own money to load it on a card and use it.
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