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Soansiodo : Hello, Ive been researching ways to get paid account deleted of my credit reports. Ive come across something named as a credit verification 623 letter. Basically its a letter that I would send to my old original creditor to ask them to show me what records of my old debt they still have. If they have none I could dispute the account information to the credit bureaus.
Now my question is is there something such as 623 letter in Canada ?Since I'm mostly sure that's a US law.? And what are the name of the laws regulating the credit agencies as well as the the credit card companies. In Canada i mean of course.

Thanks !!!
All my debt are paid , so they cant sue me for anything , and no its not a company offering me to do this work for me. I plan on sending all the letters on my own .

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AdvitsaddibiA : these letters are pretty much bogus. If they have the paper work and 99% of the time they do you reminded them of the statue of limitations so they sent the paper work on to sue you. if they do not then yes the account will be deleted as required by law.
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glenckistr : ? Just make sure you know that items that are yours cannot be deleted.
History cannot be erased.
Any company promising you this, is scamming the doo-doo out of you.
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PoitoProvemog : if u dont use your card the issuer will close it potentially hurting your score.I was wondering if I purchase something then return it say every six months will this be enough to show activity and keep the account from being closed and the credit extended to another customer
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xiaozh5p : You don't have to do a darn thing except pay the annual membership fee, if any.
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Dumnbiannon : We have a credit card and we almost never use it. You'll be fine,
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FriendLucy : I've had a JCPenny card open for 10 years and never used it.
Just to let you know, it might not close on you, unless they spot you having bad credit.
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Myncclins : I got approved for a secured card and I just paid the deposit online. It says 2-3 weeks, but I know that's not always accurate. How long did it take you to receive a card from them?
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Unrerolor : card holders only please? how would you know if someone is actually a card holder... why bother say it. you don't even know if any answer you get is going to be accurate. just wait and see ifyou don't like that answer cap one gives you. if i tell you i got mine in 5 days that would not change anything for you... you still have to wait and see.
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MotGymnloyano : I recently tried to make a purchase on a website ( that came out to be unsuccessful. My order did not go through so I decided to buy from another website. I have a American Express Prepaid Gift Card and when I checked my transactions online, 17 dollars was taken twice from my account WITHOUT me conforming the purchase. Right now the purchase is on pending transactions and I want to know when or how will I get the money back because I ordered something from another website already. I contacted the website by email and I didn't call American Express yet.
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