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gethanl : ok so a couple of weeks ago I applied for a Canadian tire credit card in store, and I got accepted right away, but when I got home I called customer service to close my account/cancel my application because I decided I don't need it.Anyway, she told since I already got approved and used a credit of $3.00(the guy in the store said I had to buy a pack of gum to get rewards or something), that she has closed the account but I would have to pay off my balance for it to be official. So I paid the amount due the next day at an Canadian tire store.
So, I thought every thing was okay until today I got a statement for my credit card(balance 0$, no big deal) and I got the credit card to said it is ready to be activated.
So does anyone have any experience with closing accounts? do you think my account is closed?or should I check up on it?

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PartVarkBot : My sister stole a $25 dollar amazon gift card, its a real gift card so i dont think it was bought online, i think it was bought at a store. she stole it at her college. Campus safety is investigating. She used the gift card online and had the order delivered to her at school. Does the receipt have the card number on it? Can it be traced back to my sister? What will campus security do to her? Please help, our parents can't find out about this.
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Quamserorse : Um its your sister. And its only 25 USD. Thus Id move on...
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Inettyday : she is that dumb and in college? It will be traced to her at minimum she will be expelled from college loose her credits and have to beg another school to let her in. Mommy and daddy need to know far better not to lie more. and since plastic constitutes wire fraud she could face a felony even though not likely
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Asselttox : Someone files a dispute against me for a refund but I don't have any Paypal money or a linked credit card or bank acc. I want to refund so how do I? If I let the case just go on will the money just be taken and I am left negative? Basically I just mean, if I let a dispute end with no response will it just take money that's not there and make my Paypal negative?
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MymnIntatte : I'm 19 years old and I'd like to go ahead and start building credit so In the future I won't have to worry about it to much if I run across something I need good credit for. I have a decent paying job, I don't plan on charging anything on the credit card I don't already have money for. I'm clueless when it comes to finding the right card and I'm scared to even apply someplace that I don't know what I'm getting myself Into. I went to get a cell phone plan in my name a few days ago and they wanted a $500 deposit just because I have no credit. So iv been trying to research how to get credit built up and a credit card seams to be the only way, and I'm at a loss, iv been researching for hours and still not sure what credit card would be best or even with one would e more likely to approve me. Any ideas on good safe cards for someone with no credit?
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esyez004 : Try capital one
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rbjarmkgxvvw : You will need proof of sufficient income to qualify for any credit card (at least $18K annual) and a 12 month history of full time employment. Even then, you may still have to start with a secured card -- you pay a depsosit which is held as collateral against the line of credit. Check with your bank. They are the most likely to extend credit to you.

When get the card, use it for regular purchases and pay the statement balance in full every month. That will build credit and avoid interest. In about a year you should qualify for a regular card if you have to start with a secured card.
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FriendKennedy : So basically what I'm asking is if there is a way to buy a gift card for PayPal from like Wal-Mart or something? I just want to buy one and add it on so then I would have like 50 more dollars into my paypal. I also am asking if there are gift cards, like visas, that I can just buy and I don't need to give my real address or anything like that. I just buy it and then I can start using it? I live in Arizona If that helps at all.
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toribhibbleri : Yes they are real i had one before
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