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graiccabs : I bought some accessories for my rifle, and I'm trying to pay with credit card, but I can't figure out for the life of me how to actually pay. I have already emailed the seller too.

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AntetaMap : then you have done the right thing the seller always knows the answer
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lornaemcclurew : mis reports for credit card recoveries. mis reports for credit card recoveries
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CobyStoll : management information system very common term
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plumImmorefup : I'm going to be paying off a debt soon and I don't want to give this company my information because they have other accounts out in my name. I've been screwed before by paying with a check that has my bank account information on it and then turning around the next day to see the bank account wiped out. Is there a way around this? Or do I just have to take the slow route of sending them a money order?
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anydayerast : Never give a collector direct access to your bank account ... or a credit card. Pay them by money order. Also make sure you have that ageement in writing before you pay.

The only other way to make instant payment is Western Union. But I don't recommend that. Why pay the extra fees. Just mail the money order.
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ziperhapsem : You can give standing instructions to your banker to arrange payment of certain amount to the credit of the said company every month on a specific day towards your schedule of payment, the bank will carry out the instructions, subject to availability of balance in your a/c. The bank may charge for this service.
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AdupsMund : You could go to the store and buy one of those visa gift cards and pay them over the phone
I have a feeling this is a small debt.
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BUYINGEFFEXOR : Have anyone ever used this card to rebuild credit? If yes, how would you rate it and why?
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esyez028 : Give me a reason.
thanks. :)
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