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lineevafe : which company is the best to go with to establish a line of credit? Any personal experience would be helpful!! Thankyou.

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Majuceak : Go to whoever you bank with. It's less hassle and the reality is, all credit card companies charge the same interest. Just make sure you get a card with no annual fee, it's pointless to give them more money than they already make off of the interest you pay them.
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Ugg53503 : are you a student? I got my first credit card with interest so i like it! :D
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serrlokkins : For ur 1st cc I would recommend a secured cc from ur bank. Its a cc but u can't spend more than u have in the account. This will help with ur credit & won't put u in debt.
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Irretssturami : Get as much information as you can about the pros and cons of having a credit card. I personally have two credit cards and am glad I took them out. Visa credit and visa Debit are two good options. I advice you get the credit card and not the debit in order to minimize running into debt. Here is a link to give you instant decisions on credit cards. I hope I help
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Pusakates : Please help! I have been a Virgin Mobile (VM) customer since June 2011. When I bought my LG Optimus V I was able to pay my monthly charge until September using my VISA credit card. Then something happened and VM decided there was a problem with this credit card even though my bank confirmed to me(and VM) that all the information is correct including my billing address. I use this card all the time with other venders without a problem. Each month I have a conversation with VM Customer Service when I try to pay the monthly charge. The VISA credit card is rejected each time and they tell me it is my problem. They have elevated it to VM Financial Dept. several times but I have never heard back from anyone at VM - EVER! I would like to speak with someone of authority but the efforts by VM to resolve my issue are so bureaucratic and convoluted I am ready to throw in the towel and tell them I no longer want anything to do with their company. The VM Customer Service, in my case, is the worst I have ever encountered. Is anybody listening? I would love to send an email to the head of VM. Can anyone provide a name and email address? Thanks.
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Drasayys : a friend of mine had lost his job in dubai and has 20000 dirhams credit card debt. he is going to australia to have a new life...
his residency application for OZ is under process...once he is oz he wants to work and pay the debt from there but it might take few months till he get a job...
he wants to know if the australia residency application will be affected by his dubai debt? i mean the background check...

please only answer if you have right info
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geksaccogoups : I can live ok and pay off monthly on my bills but vacations, etc. will be scarce. Will take me 5 years to pay off. I could keep working but I am 64 and am DONE. Every day is killing me ( I know this sounds dramatic but it is how I feel ). I am burned out. Yes, i know I should keep working to pay off my debt but why should I when I can still retire and pay bills? So, I won't like Queen. Suggestions? THANKS!
LOL-love both these responses. I will be fine with health insurance and yes, I guess I was hoping for a response that would explain how I could magically make my debt disappear!
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EpildKitillek : What you may not have factored in is health coverage, unless you get it from your employer as being retired. That is because you cannot qualify for Medicare until you are 65. You can pull Social Security now. (You are posting from the US, so I assume you are in the US)

And individual coverage, even if you can get it, will be very expensive. So without health coverage, you really put yourself at risk.

But if that is taken care of, set up a disciplined plan of spending. And practice sleeping in each morning. And taking all the time you want to accomplish very little.
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Neenstookem : Are you expecting an answer to tell you that retiring makes your credit card debt magically disappear through some super secret Social Security program?

This is the blunt truth about how the world works. If you are willing to live frugally, by all means, enjoy your retirement while you are still healthy!
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