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nanette997 : I recently asked a question like this but forgot to say the last four numbers of my SSN. I am using my son's account for this question because i really need it answered. My daughter wants to get a membership on a website called Stardoll. I have already put my credit card info, but it also wants the last four digits of my Social Security Number. Why on Earth does a girls game site want this and is it safe?

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glenckistr : Don't do it. There is no valid reason for them needing that information if you have already provided your credit card info.
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Uploalemasp : You really even have to ask this question? No do not enter any part of your SSN and for heaven's sake don't give them your CC number at this juncture.

Added: Looks to me like the memberships are a matter of just creating a username and password unless you want to purchase merchandise. Looks innocent enough, email and ask them the necessity for the last four of your SSN. I guess it could be used as a verification tool by your CC account but I sure woulds never enter it myself.
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IrrineeFurf : I don't ever want it reloaded. Just use it until it runs out. And it's for my paypal account which i'm going to use to buy stuff from ebay and possible other sites. Do I set it as primary or secondary? Last time, the card turned into a check that arrived at my home and I don't know why.
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SahSooroVaw : Neither. You can't use prepaid cards on Paypal. While a few cards slip through, when Paypal finds it, it will trigger an account review and will freeze the account. When the account is frozen, they mail you a check after 180 days.
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camarok : I have about 3 pre paid credit cards that i got from rebates and stuff, one is 25$ and the others are 20$, i wanna buy something thats 30$, can i use two of the cards to buy that one item? How would that work on paypal, just add both cards or sumtin?
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AvedaCleava : yes
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Reetuevilkink : depends on the store
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MiyeonnLuba : can someone let me use there credit card. can someone let me use there credit card
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Myncclins : Yes. Suck my dick and choke on it for 3 days. Then ill give you the first number. Then eat my shit and gargle it then you get the second number. I suppose you now how the rest goes (;
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