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illushunlariA : Hello.

I have recently been denied for a new credit card by a company and in the letter it said that they'll give me a free credit report to see what was the problem.

I don't want to make the credit card anymore but I would like to see why they denied it. My question is, if I ask for a free credit report will it hurt my credit score because the company is checking it again or is the damage already done and would they just give me a copy of the report they already have?

I guess my question is whether I should check my credit myself or since they're offering it free, ask for it from the card company.
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likelucyru : Neither checking your score yourself or asking them for a credit report will impact your credit score
- checking your OWN credit report never impacts your credit score
- the ding they have made by checking your score has already been done. Having them give you a copy of the report that they pulled, will NOT further ding your credit.
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samdemid : no
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kCrackMan : if someone could help that would be brilliant.

I am seperated from my wife, she lives in Germany and I'm American ( we've been living in the states for the past couple of years).

She is using our joint credit cards and refusing to pay the bill. We agreed she would pay the balances of the cards and i would pay the joint loan we have ( which is much more than the cards)

I am I allowed to call the credit card companies and tell them to send the bills to her address instead of my PO box and will they do this?
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SHooLCUrip : One of you is likely the primary person on the account and the other is an "authorized user". If you are the primary, then call the credit card company and have them cancel her card. You could also just close the account.
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Effitswes : if they are joint accounts--then you are both responsible. it doesn't matter who the bill is mailed to. if she doesn't pay--it will ruin your credit. you have no written agreement stating that she is to pay those bills so it's on your head
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noelleterrao : The cards are joint, so you can both use them, and you are both responsible for them. You need a legal agreement clearly, not just soemthing between the two of you. If they send her the bill, and you don't know what's goign on, that will be 10x worse.
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theomarttesf : I just made an account with chase and i wanted to know if i have to wait till my credit card gets here to sign up for online banking.
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emapseassew : Nope . your info should pull itself up
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suethoche : What do you mean?

Chase is a bank and a credit card company. They are a subsidiary of JP Morgan. You can have both a checking account and a credit credit account. They are listed as separate account, but under the same name.

You can apply for both. They will send you a credit card and a debit card. One for the credit card account and one for the checking account.

So No, you can apply for a checking account at any time.

If you mean creating an online account for the credit card, then yes. You will need the account number to create an account online along with the username and password.
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