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Warmwarsets1982 : Hello
I am a big smartphone fan. Right now I have an ancient HTC Fuze with Energyrom x.x i put on awhile back.
I've always loved HTC phones with Window mobile but I would like to try something else.
I am considering two phones right now. The HTC Aria and the Samsung captivate. Mainly because the cheap upgrade price.
The screen size isnt much of a deal for me.... but i do want the biggest bang for my buck.
I am hardware savvy : keep that in mind.
Also I don't use data very much, but now that i have to pay for it i will use it a little bit.

I would just buy one on ebay but i paid 300 dollars for this fuze on ebay 2 years ago and it's not worth 40 now.

Please only send recommendations from experience.... and i will not consider an iPhone.

Thank you.
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rbjarmkgxvvw : Samsung Captivate
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josede73sk : Well both are solid phones, but they do have some differences. The biggest one being the user interface. The Captivate runs samsung's touchwiz, and the aria runs htc sense. Without going into detail, touchwiz isn't bad, but sense is much more polished and just looks better. Secondly their is the screen size, but you said that doesn't matter. I will say this however, i own the captivate, and the screen quality is brilliant. Very vibrant colors and a very responsive screen. Now onto speed and power. The aria has a 600mhz processer, and the captivate has a 1ghz processer (1000mhz) Now that may sound like a huge difference, but it will only be noticed if you do some serious multi-tasking. Both phones do run android 2.2 so that doesnt make a difference. So you really cant go wrong either way, but if price isnt an issue, i would have to reccomend the captivate. But i think you should just go to the closest att store and give the phones a try and see if you get a "connection". Hope this helped.
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Guanoattipt : My son accidentally deleted my call history and I am in the process of selling my couches. I need a phone number to call the buyer back is it possible to view your call history online prior to your bill being posted? Or any other way to retrieve it from Verizon? Mine will not post until the 26th I'm moving out of state before that help please!!!!
I do have a smart phone the iPhone 4
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demBiniadiack : If you don't have a smart ph that the only
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Ferguson29 : Im looking for a family law attorney in northern arizona. Thank you
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Reetuevilkink : They have this new invention that can help you. It's called the "yellow pages". (we're assuming google is a little too advanced for you)
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likelucyru : Check the Google link below as it can help but the yellow pages maybe better.
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Inanialiold : I filed to change my name back to my maiden name in a Missouri court as a pro se on 09/09/2013.. The clerk wasn't helpful at all but she indicated that i will receive a letter by mail from the court to schedule a court date. I haven't received any thing by mail yet. So i called the court today and another clerk was really unhelpful today and said that they are not allowed to answer questions because i am representing my self and i am the one who is supposed to know what to do! I have no idea what to do next.. Will i receive a letter by mail from the court? If so when? Is there any thing i need to do now? The clerks are not answering my questions!!!
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goodevry8 : "Will i receive a letter by mail from the court?" That's generally how hearings are scheduled, yes.

"If so when?" Depends how busy your jurisdiction is. Several weeks to months.

"Is there any thing i need to do now?" You might be able to check an online docket using your name, but not all jurisdictions have that available.

"The clerks are not answering my questions!!!" 'Pro se' *means* that one represents his or herself. Those unable to do so must hire a member of the Bar licensed to practice law in that jurisdiction (an attorney). It would be illegal for anyone else to it on your behalf.
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