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AlteddyFedy : Hi, so i've got telstra mobile broadband, and used to have it set up on Ps3 Ethernet connection on XP, until i changed to windows 7...
But now i'm clueless to how to set it up again..
Ive tried setting the connection to share this internet connection but no luck. I know the PSN is still down... but would like to get it set up before its restored. Thanks!
i know doesnt mean i still cant set up my internet

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aZoTGwFg : psn is down due to external attack
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ShoPPerwed : How long do Verizon "feature phones" stay feature phones
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AsymnKen : Hello,

Is there anyone on here that is an attorney or knows of any attorney in Pennsylvania or wherever that would be willing to provide guidance in filing an application for asylum? I am a gay young man, 21 years old from Jamaica and I can't afford an attorney. Any advice?

Thanks in advance!
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NemCrekseraseb : I'm helping out someone with a problem. The unmarried biological father and mother share a 5 year old child in the Philippines. The father took majority care of the child and the mother would now like to take the 5 year old abroad to the US and marry a military man which would grant both the mother and child US citizenship Can a child travel abroad to the US without having the biological father’s consent? What steps can the biological father take to have his kid stay in the Philippines? Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance for any legal advice.
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Pusakates : She and the child will not get instant citizenship because she marries someone who is in the military and the US. He would need to first sponsor her and the child, they would grant her a Conditional Alien Resident status which after 2 years must be proven to be a marriage of love not of convenience. If proven she will be granted Permanent Alien Resident status which is good for 10 years. Only after having that for a certain time can she then apply for citizenship.

Now Immigration will require proof that she has support of the child's father in moving to the US and him residing there. To check into the airlines to leave there can be a Power of Attorney from the father to her necessary to leave with the child.

He needs to file an injunction that prohibits the mother leaving with the child without his permission.
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Weennybuffvob : ok so 2 years ago i got arrested for fraud, i used someones bank details to buy stuff, because it was my first offence the judge issued me with a 2 year conditional discharge, i have completed my sentence . My question is am i able to visit other countries for a holiday, mainly Michigan U.S.A, i have family over there and they want me to visit, thanks in advance

p.s for anyone wondering, i bought a high spec laptop, a tv and a home cinema system
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wiesaddlibe : Anytime you have a conviction you will have to ask for a visa. As you cannot use the visa waiver. When you try to apply for ESTA you will be asked if you have any conviction, then you have to answer yes. You will have to apply for a visa.
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mehanle : You have a conviction for a "crime involving moral turpitude" and therefore cannot honestly answer "no" to the ESTA question on whether you have ever been arrested for or convicted of one. So you will have to apply for a visa and this will take months while the US Embassy gets the details from the police. Then they will probably refuse.

There are solicitors with experience of arguing through this. gives a list of them.

For any other country, if they don't require a visa for a holiday, then you have no problem. If they require you to apply for a visa, then you take your chances as to whether it is granted or refused.
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