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PanfiliJ : So like i said i have a iPhone 3gs (Stock, Unjailbroken) and the other day it plugged up fine with my computer but then once i pressed eject in itunes to remove it everytime i plug it in windows doesnt register that its even plugged in.
Ive checked the service.msc and made sure the Apple mobile device settings were on automatic and even tried to stop then start it again. i also checked in device management and it doesnt even show up under anything, not even a unrecognized device..
it doesnt even charge..
simple just nothing as if i wasn't even plug into the USB what so ever

what gets me is that my buddy who's on my plan with the exact same phone (both version 4.2.1 and firmware 5.15.04 Unjailbroken) plugs up and works perfectly fine.. so this problems is beyond me.
basically all i want it to connect for is so i can tether my internet to my computer then bridge my Ethernet LAN port and the iPhone LAN port that's supplying internet together so i can give my PS3 so i can use its online capabilities for going on Netflix and other stream able media that my iPhone cant play even using its A/V cable.
i dont have internet in the place I'm in and its waaayy to much to get so that's why i just wanna use my phone to do so but i cant currently do that without it connecting to the computer. right now I'm bluetooth tethering it now but i cant bridge a bluetooth connection and a LAN
so if someone could help me out and help me get my iPhone to connect again or give me an idea on how i can bridge my bluetooth connection to my Ethernet port that would be great!
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Seillaclark : It's AMAZINGBest of luck!
hot2 /36298/bluetooth-connections
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Loasiarog : i dont know which one to get
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maleagersBiam : In California, my brother went to get a divorce and needed a copy of his license. He filed the divorce and then went to get a copy of the marriage license for records or something. When he got there, they told him that nothing was on file and there was no record of the license. When he broke up with his ex and began moving out and starting the process, she told him she never turned the license in when they got married (almost 2 years ago) but then turned it in (a year after the marriage) when he was moving out of spite.

The certificate/license must be turned in within 90 days of a ceremony, which he didn't know at the time, so she was way too late turning it in. The register office says nothing is there and the marriage is not valid as such. They filed taxes jointly, have a minor child together, and now he's not sure what to do because they weren't legally married. What will have to take place now as far as taxes go? Would he file single for this year? Also, would they refund him for the divorce fee since no divorce was actually needed?

Thanks :)
Thanks for the answers :) He has gone through the court due to a restraining order against his ex as she attacked him on several occasions (often with the child present) before he left and caused personal damage to his property and began to stalk him after he moved out. It was pretty messy. He was granted sole physical custody so at least that has been settled. They had no community property during their relationship other than their wages I suppose so that was pretty easy as well when he filed the divorce. He's really kicking himself as he married for the sake of the child and not out of love for the ex. But what can ya do! I'll share this knowledge with him. Thanks all!
Mentioned it to him, he said he was told that the license and certificate are two different things and that the license had expired because the officiant didn't sign it and turn it in. They had a certificate at the place where they got married, but didn't bring the license to the place for it to be signed by the pastor. So the marriage license was never filed with the county recorder. I don't know. The office manager at the office said nothing was on file for their marriage. He's giving me a headache, but that's family for you :) I'll suggest he get a lawyer and go from there. Thanks!
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oritisaexarse : It's a bit of a sticky wicket, mate. Try to locate an attorney with a British accent.
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NitengekGen : Even if they weren't legally married, he still needs to go through with the family court filing to handing child support, custody, and visitation. They probably still have some community property to take care of.

He might want to go to a tax service and get assistance fixing the taxes.
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vitalykim : You need a lawyer and an accountant to look into California and federal laws on this.

As a general rule, however, a lapse of an administrative filing rarely invalidates the underlying transaction. For instance, failing to file the deed of your house doesn't make it less "yours"; it simply changes the legal rights of OTHERS who are unaware of the unrecorded deed. It's often possible to file things "late" and with a "late fee" or other documents (explanatory affidavit, court orders, etc), but whether such filings would have retro-active effect is debatable, although having the signed original might be sufficient for most other transactions...
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coaplyCap : He may have misunderstood what he was told. Otherwise, whoever gave him that information in the Registrar's office was practicing law without a license, and gave him dreadfully incorrect advice. The failure to file a marriage certificate does NOT invalidate a marriage. See In re Marriage of Cantarella (2011) 191 Cal.App.4th 916: To hold that a failure by a party to register a certificate voids a marriage would invalidate “marriages already solemnized in this state and would, among other results, affect the marital status of the parties, their property rights and rights of inheritance.”

He may wish to discuss this with a family law attorney, but I believe the law is clear that there was a valid marriage despite the failure to register the certificate.

ADD: Again, the information he is getting is incorrect. A Marriage License is VALID for only 90 days, but if the ceremony was performed within that 90-day period the marriage was properly licensed. The license and certificate are not different things--the officiant certifies the marriage by signing and returning the license to the Registrar (or Recorder). That is actually supposed to be done within 10 days of the marriage, not 90. And, as the case I have cited holds, any error of certification does not affect the validity of the marriage. And, again, he should verify this with his family law attorney.
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jasonapinaq : If what John S has stated is true, (and I have not read the case in question), then nothing need be done about the tax situation. If, however, the effect of not filing the marriage certificate somehow nullified the marriage (which really doesn't make sense), then it would have the same effect on federal taxes as would an annulment. This would mean he would need to go back and amend his tax returns for the past several years and file as single, (or head of household, if he otherwise qualifies). So would his ex-wife. However, I tend to agree with John's opinion. The marriage is still probably valid. He should probably consult with a family law attorney in California to double check. For a referral, he should consult his local or state bar association.
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Frietteve : I never heard of a time limit to turn in the certificate!! like what difference does it make?! does that somehow negate the ceremony?! what hogwash!!!! in the eyes of the Creator, those two are married, altho they are behaving more like juvenile delinquents

look, they were married, the state can take a long walk off a short plank for all I care.

there is still common law marriage. but this problem is complex because the people involved don't know who they are, and also falsely believe the state is god [ small g ] not to mention they are no longer together and neither likely have an interest in fixing this properly [ to fit in with the state ]

you brother can file a NOTICE in the county with the county recorder, there's a fee for that, that he is divorced from his wife since whatever date they last lived together. it's a public notice, just name and marriage date and location no ssn. it serves as notice a copy, should go to the ex and the original in his to do it properly, write up the notice, then get it notarized-leave a space for the notary to sign etc, then take it to the county recorder with a copy, they will stamp both, and return your original

he should also post a public notice in the local newspaper ' marriage of xyz & abc in county and state and marriage date, is dissolved as of such and such date.

now he has done everything in the private, by posting public notice without asking anyones permission and it is all legal.

he needs to keep a copy of the notice published altho the paper will send a pdf of the notice

he should notice his bank and cc companies too and obviously keep originals of all correspondence, do nothing by phone, do everything in writing .

now sooner or later they will have to work out custody issues on their own, if they bother the state, like child services, they could lose the child!!! I don't know, it's a guess, based on the crazy stuff I've seen the state do. they need to tread carefully, but with a flaky ex-wife...all bets are off.

If I told you marriage certificates were a scam...what would you say?

you should find this quite interesting;

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