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Daudiodia : I Have This Cell Phone That's Service Is Shutoff And I forgot The Unlock Code I Need Like A master Unlock To Unlock It

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robzinbn : pictures and videos onto my computer, but I plugged in my phone through the USB cord after installing everything, and when I try to synchronize it, it said to check my COMPORT and connect to idle screen? I have no idea what that means. Please help??
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QulunEaave : I want to know how much he will charge and everything. But do they charge you for just meeting them or is the first meeting free.
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Rinkaliskiply : ask some specific attorney. There is no standard fee schedule.
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mokundegrc : Try calling them on the phone to ask about fees. The secretary may at least be able to tell you that much, and they obviously can't charge you for the phone call if you haven't given them your information.
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liamnigousnum : you need to be seen by a psychiatrist
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Accopidanda : Misdiagnosis is not negligence and it's not a cause of action for a lawsuit.

For that, you'd need to prove a much higher standard, malpractice, which means the doctor did something completely against the acceptable standards of practice.

Find another doctor willing to testify that the previous doctor did something really wrong (not just a mistake), and then start consulting attorneys.
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agobeTaulge : All I will say is to be ready for a very lengthy court battle that will probably never make it to the crown court and most of all be prepared to never get a sorry or an admittance of someone being wrong even if it is obvious. It could also be a costly battle because many "no win no fee." solicitors will touch this case.

My brother recently had a routine op he was assured this was a very simple op and the surgeon was undertaking at least 6 of these op's in a day. My brother stated before the op he would be fine as long as he did not lose the use of any limbs. He was assured this would not happen but when he woke he was unable to move his right arm (Unable to grip etc) For 2 months he was told that it was due to the high insert of his chest drain and all would be fine in a few weeks. 4 months later he was still unable to use his hand (his main use at work) My brothers boss (due to how valuable my brother is in his job) sent him to a private consultant who has given him a head to toe examination and concluded that the op actually damaged the ulna nerve . An NHS neurologist has also confirmed this now. My brother has gone to many solicitors to make a claim but many of them have told him that they will not take the case on even though he has a very good chance of winning.
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ExannaMaf : You can go to the medical board and ask then to investigate. Would be cheaper, I think. Not enough details to advise you here.
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inamnewaywoge : no court has the authority to order something "struck from the record."
In my state, and in many others, one need not have a "head" to the claim, but need only recite the relevant facts. In my state, there is no "form." Instead one files a civil complaint with the appropriate court. I do not know about your state or nation, as you did not mention a place.
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