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squidoooo : if i take out my sim card on my iphone, will all my contacts and photos and videos go to a windows mobile phone if i buy it

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messkaddy : No, iPhone stores all messages, contacts into it's own memory. If you want to get those contacts out to your SIM, yes you can by following these few steps.

1) Make sure your iPhone is jailbroken
2) Go into Cydia and search for SIManager
3) Then download it and run it.
4) Start copying all contacts from your iPhone to your SIM card =)

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Clement.C Exabytes
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sharonben : Need export the contacts, video, photo to computer folder and then upload to Windows Mobile phone. try this iPhone backup software. iphonecontactsbackup / so u can get stuff on iPhone to computer for upload to mobile phone. besides.
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hypermiska : I have the LG Octane from Verizon. I checked my memory usage, because my phone's been acting up and under [Phone], it shows that I have 103 MB, but 0 MB left.
Under [Multimedia], I have 89.8 MB available.
I have like, 15 pictures on my phone and 5 videos. I have the applications that come along with the phone, and I've probably downloaded like..1 since I've had it. & Since it says I have that much MB left on multimedia, I do not think it's my pictures or anything?
I don't know what else to delete?! My inbox is empty, pretty much everything is right now.
What can I delete to make my phone operate right & to have more memory in my phone?

BTW, I know I should probably get a SD card or memory card, and I am, pretty soon. I just need to know what I can do for the next week I have without one.
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katimmita : yesterday i was weedwacking with a new weed wacker and new cutting blade. just cutting a simple trail through the weeds the new cutting tip threw one of its blades off shooting right through the blade guard and gashing my leg open and taking a chunk of bone out of my tibia. now im unable to do anything and i have no health insurance. do i have a case against the blade company or the weed wacker company
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ViettePen : You have a case and you may possibly win. You need to stop using the weed wacker, save everything, purchase receipts, packaging, instructions, the weed wacker, the cutting blades including the broken blade that cut your leg if you can find it, the blade guard, the chunk of bone, the medical bills, everything. Also photograph everything especially the injury. Then start looking for an attorney with sufficient funds to finance the expert witness analysis, reports and testimony that will be necessary to prove-up a defective product personal injury claim.
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SoobImbTemDam : 1145 pm driving home from convenience store...IL state police pull me over. I hand him my DL and Insurance card, I asked him why i was pulled over.. said he smelled liquor ...(I dont drink by the way).. Do field sobriety test and pass.(kind of I have a bad ankle...) He then calls his buddy with the breathalyzer and i blow 0.0 (obviously). After I proved i wasnt drunk he asked me if I do Drugs !!!! (thinking to my self what happened to the liquor you smelled) ...I said no..finally after wasting 3 IL state police officers time and my own..he says: IM GOING TO CUT YOU A BREAK!..(REALLY FOR WHAT??) is it worth it to make a complaint in writing and send it in? i dont really have any expectations and they will probably laugh at my complaint...but can I make his life worse for doing this ? Thanks MIKE
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Dwendydeave : I would try Internal Affairs, but if it's anything like where I currently reside, it's all about who you know, if I were in my hometown things would MUCH different in my life right now!!!!!!
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NQbambi : "is it worth it to make a complaint in writing and send it in?" Complaint about what?! There are absolutely zero complaints in your question. Nothing about abuse or even rudeness.

The fact that you were inconvenienced by having been pulled over isn't a complaint. Nobody enjoys it. But that's a cop's job. Hey, nobody likes to pay for things, either. But that doesn't give them the right to complain about the cashier.

"but can I make his life worse for doing this ?" Not even close. There sure are a lot of cops that could make a point of pulling you over, though, huh?
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kehokimeFop : You got one of those officers that probably hands out 15 tickets a day because he got picked on in 2nd grade so he wants to 'get back' at society with his power.

My best friend is a state trooper and hands out about 3 tickets a day and isn't an idiot. He does his duty impartially.

I wouldn't complain because that is basically an affidavit, but it is up to you, now if they manhandled you and were brutal, that's when you get an attorney and that officer will not be on the force much longer.
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