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Astottope : I used an USB cord that I got with my LG Ally Smart Phone and plugged it into my laptop with my cell phone attached to it. I did this so I could transfer videos/pictures to my laptop. Problem is a LG mobile USB modem hardware message pops up asking if Windows can connect to Windows update to search for software.. I click yes just this once and hit Next. It asks what I want wizard to do and as it recommends I choose "install the software automatically" and after I hit next it says "Cannot install this Hardware" (The hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the nessacary software.) I don't know what to do, help!!

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likelucyru : You can get the driver from the site you ar on now. It's in the File Library in the Drivers Folder. Here is the link

lgcommunity /file_library.aspx

Disconnect your Ally from your computer and then install the driver. Once the driver is installed, try plugging the Ally in and see what happens... You SHOULD see little installation Dialog bubbles appear in the lower right hand side of your PC Screen telling you that it is installing the drivers. Now look at the notification bar on your Ally in the upper left side. Do you see a USB Symbol? It looks like a little Pitch fork or tree. That tells us that the phone knows it's attached to your PC. If you want to copy files to or from your MicroSD card, you will need to "Mount" the MicroSD card on your PC as another Drive letter. You can do this from the Ally by touching the Notification Bar and dragging it down and then pressing on the USB Connected message and then choose Mount. When done you will need to Click on the "Safely Remove Hardware" Button on your PC and then Dismount the MicroSD card from the Android phone's Notification bar.
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RicyKcn 571 : I want to get the blackberry 9780 on verizon? but they only have the 9650.. why do they have the old model and now the new one available? and why dont they plan on selling it? i dont understand why only some blackberrys are available on certain carriers.. haha don't judge me, I'm not that knowledgeable with phones and such so if these questions sound ridiculous, i apoligize ;)
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AntetaMap : I live in Arkansas, and I've only seen a few things that tell me the emancipation process but I want to know it all. I'm 15 right now, and I will be 16 in April. I have a job and I'm currently saving money for a car. I'm home schooled, and work a lot. I would like to know if I have to take my parents to court and fight them, or if I can just go get emancipation papers and have a judge/attorney or someone sign it. I have friends that have told me they will allow me to stay at their houses and I make enough money to have my own apartment if I want. My parents don't want me to move out because they're very protective and suffocating. They hold me back from my social life, and they have held me back from working and they won't let me make my own decisions. They don't trust me with anything, and I don't even know why, and they take advantage of the money I make. I want to know what exactly I have to do to be emancipated. What are the steps? Do I need a lawyer? What are the laws on it? I read somewhere that to be emancipated, you need one of your parents to speak in court that they know you can be on your own. Neither one of my parents would do that because they think I'm not ready, but I am. I've been looking at apartments and looking at all the choices I have to make and I am financially stable to pay for everything. (Food,gas,bills,etc.) I want some freedom. I want to be able to take care of myself and not be told I'm a kid. I don't depend on other people I can take care of myself.
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Cheenlyhoaree : six years ago I was going to see a doctor for my eye pressures. I had been seeing him for a year. Before I went back to my next visits I always made sure my bills were getting paid. then one day i received a letter saying they were going to turn me over to the credit board. My bills were paid I couldnt understand this. when I called to find out. The woman there argued with me saying I owed it that they sent my bill to grove city and it was returned to them. I never lived in Grove City. I tried to explain this to her. she said my maiden name was XXXXXX (I will not say who that is.) I told her that was not true. My Maiden name is XXXXXX turns out they were sending all my medical information to this person in Grove City and sending me her bill. When they discovered they were wrong they still tried to say I was in the wrong and told me the doctor will be gracious enough to give me Laser surgery in the right eye for free. thinking I should sue in stead but took the surgery. Why I don't know, stupid I guess. When I showed up for the surgery. They put eye drops in it saying it was a numbing solution. Turns out it wasn't when i went in to have the surgery done. I felt everything. I told them I could fill it but the doctor kept going. It hurt so bad I thought I was going to puke and I cried all the way home. Two weeks later I went to see the OSU eye research and got a second opinion on my eyes. Turns out according to them there was no proof of any surgery done on my eyes. I was so angry but that turned to helpless when I could not find an attorney that would take my case. So not only did they go against the HIPPA Law they also treated me with a lie and got by with it. yesterday after being with OSU, I actually had to have the laser surgery done on the left eye and discovered what they really do and how it really is suppose to feel. All of this got me to thinking about that other doctor and how he treated me. This man is treating someones mother, grandmother or child the same way he treated me and getting by with it. I'm sure it is to late for me to sue him. But it is to late for me to report this incident to the board? Is it wrong for me to tell him I'm going to ruin his life and report him and I want him to know I'm the one who did it?
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likelucyru : lol...reporting him to the Board isn't going to "ruin his life." You are being petty, which is why no attorney would take your case

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tedThyday : You have a right to sue them for malpractice. In the United States we have the HIPA Act. This is the health information privacy act. Sending someone else your medical information is a crime
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Ununteepheddy : yes it is a threat.
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srfecti644 : yes its a threat (and its a stupid one)

(you aint half dumb
you see a doctor for a year, paying bills throught the year
But then you claim your information was sent to somebody else and you were getting her bills AND paying them
SInce any bill should identify when it was incurred and what it was for, are you saying the bills you got DIDNT have this info?
If they didnt they why the hell did you just keep merrily paying them when you didnt know what they were for?
And if they did why the hell did you just keep merrily paying bills for treatment you didnt receive?

Cos in either case thats real dumb

You then claim you had laser eye surgery which was so painful you "thought you were going to puke"
But a later second opinion says there is no evidence of surgery at all
So who is bullsh//ting who?

THEN after 6 years you think you want to sue him

What for?
surgery which a second opinions says you didnt receive- or pain from that "virtual" surgery

and what exactly are you going to report?
You had pain from a surgery when there is no evidence it was actually carried out?
when for 6 YEARS you have done absolutely nothing!!!!!!!
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Annuaxavagned : He left out the phrase allowing me to transfer these rights to my heirs or assignees. This was done in June of 2012. An attorney said to me I still have time to take my case to a court to fix this. However I dont have the funds to hire a lawyer. I can file a case for a cost of 367.00 But I cant find any forms on any website. How can I do this I was told by local court in Tennessee that I would have to file my case in a petition or complaint. Iwould have to use legal language in those items to the court, Can any one help.
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