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hiegululnenny : Hi we live near the road where a lot of people park, also have a lot of houses surrounding us.
I've bought a Mobile Wireless Broadband 3G/HSDPA Usb Modem, and I was wondering if hackers near the area can hack into the FM signals and access information in or sent/received from my computer?

Is there any chance that information transfer will be compromised?, say from e-mail or storing documents?, or a chance that banking will be unsafe?.

I use windows, with Avast Internet Security 6.0.

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jasonapinaq : NOT Safe.

99.9% of wireless computers can be hacked in to,
in under 5 seconds.

cookies can be plucked out of the air,
they can then be used to get in to your accounts.

If you want secure then never use wireless.

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Frietteve : not me
and avast free won't portect you ( is good freeware but doesn't help you )
only paid completed internet security does
like kis 2011or gdata internet 2011
there is hope the free app
siteadvisor or mywot
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Cryclorgo : Cause i want a Sidekick, always have. But i wanna know if you need to pay extra besides what you pay already, ex. calling minutes, texting etc. do you have to pay for internet like a blackberry or a droid?
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AlexanderD2 : If u go to jail and found incompetent and your attorney trys to take u to trail on a handful of mistermeanors to get a civil commitment how can u stop it from happening?
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ViettePen : I have a 17 year old friend who wants to move out but her mother is saying she can't til she is 18 and if she does she will report her as a run away. Please help
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gtgz00075 : 18
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covaGrooppy : her mother is 100% correct. why dont you kids realize that the age of adulthood is 18 with the exception of a few states that allow someone to reach the age of adulthood if you graduate before you turn 18.

texas unfortunately for your friend is not one of those states
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buy neopoints : That's true what her mom said. If you let her live with you you can be charged for something because she is a minor.
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Veilepype : A 17 year old that leaves home without permission can not be forced to move back home. Here is the Texas Attorney Generals opinion on this (which means much more than anyones here).

But as Chad M stated, anyone she moves in with can be charged with harboring a runaway.
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