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harbour3730 : Hi
I have dopod 838 pro with windows mobile as os. Lately, i have been upgrade my os to become windows mobile 6.5. i successfully upgrade my phone. but it just last for two days.

When i want to use it, it freeze and nothing that I could done. then, remove the battery and my phone die. after that, i replace the battery and turn it on. but, my phone doesn't on fully turned on. It display "dopod" and freeze for all time. I have tried to let it turn on for a couple of hours, but it die and i think it is because of the battery. I charge it and i noticed that my phone charging like usual as i look at the battery indicator. So, I turn it on but the same thing happen, displaying "dopod" and freeze even for hours i let it turn on.

I don't know what to do now. I hope that someone could help me.

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yughkygsrlxh : My phone contract just expired, and I am wondering which phone I should get. The price doesn't matter, but I would like a phone that makes texting easier. (I have a Pantec right now, and the texting on that thing is terrrrrrible.) Are there any specific functions that are especially noteworthy in one phone over the other, etc? Oh, and I don't know if this changes things, but I have an iTouch already (I think the 3rd gen).
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1mannequind : An inmate at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada was denied access to his attorney. How does a complaint against this get filed ????
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tomafluotly : start with your attorney. He may not be aware that he was denied. Most jails have grievance procedures so you may want to look into that as well
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GahAssems : ACLU
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Ferguson29 : Im looking for a family law attorney in northern arizona. Thank you
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Reetuevilkink : They have this new invention that can help you. It's called the "yellow pages". (we're assuming google is a little too advanced for you)
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likelucyru : Check the Google link below as it can help but the yellow pages maybe better.
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SoobImbTemDam : Watch the crap British soap operas, they seem to have been getting away with it for years.
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Jamesgo : The things that turn out to be crucial details in murder trials that often lead to people being found guilty are things having to do with the perpetrator's organization of the crime. That is, no evidence left over. This includes DNA evidence left behind, as well as what is left behind at the crime scene. Often times crimes that are "staged" (made to look like something other than murder was planned, or a different motive) can be staggering points for investigators.
If you look at Ted Bundy's murders, he was able to abduct woman in the broad daylight without any witnesses, and also crossing jurisdictions throughout the USA, which was a huge reason why he was able to escape apprehension for so long. His organization was unbelievably high, using blunt force trauma on his victims, rather than a knife or gun, which can leave behind excruciating evidence.
All of these things can be factors in somebody getting away with murder, however it also can include things like police not being able to link crimes (like the Paul Bernardo rapes and murders in Scarborough and St. Catherines), mistakes with DNA evidence (such as the OJ Simpson case), or just holes in the investigation in which a good defence attorney will be able to see.
WIth the right police investigators and prosecuting attorneys, it is hard to ever get away with murder, whether it takes 5 months, or 15 years.
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