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pamEnera : I have Sprint as a cell phone provider but (well almost since I switched from tmobile to Sprint back in 2007) recently I have had enough of Sprint faulty network. I send a text an receive a Failed Text pop up, I can't blame it on the phone cause I have moved from the LG RUMOR TO WINDOWS 6.1 TO SAMSUNG MOMENT to The SAMSUNG GALAXY S, and just last week to Windows mobile 7. And all these phons have been the same problem, text failed, text not sent, picture mail not sent, picture mail failed. So my question is..... WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON? Is there something wrong with SPRINT in houston tx? Or is it only with me? Does Sprint not like me or something? Before a long time ago I had Cingular wireless and I never had a problem with them. I left because of a little girl made long distance calls that I couldn't pay. But I'm now thinking of going back to Cingular (well at&t).

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Tibiadway : Sprint is a waste. Stick with AT&T or Verizon.
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Hoonorshani : Do the windows phones have a texting app like the droid and iphone have text free and text plus and stuff like that?
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Sleedeetmesee : I'm a student in high school right now and currently having a legal dispute with my school regarding a civil rights issue on the federal level. I have contacted several pro bono legal organizations but none have accepted my request to assist me and my family cannot afford our own lawyer so I'm representing myself. I'm well versed on law and government and have done my homework but my school is unwilling to listen to me so is it proper to direct my argument to their attorney? I don't know the whole etiquette when it comes to attorneys.
I am 18 so I do have the right to file a lawsuit.
It's a Title IX issue, I'm transgendered so I'm a biological boy and they refuse to let me join the cheer leading team. Under Title IX all public schools are mandated to have non discrimination in extra-curricular programs on the basis of sex. Can you people provide me with a straight answer on whether it's appropriate to contact the school's attorney directly?
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YHrobertWG : Unless you happen to be 18 or older you can not sue anyone in any court. Your parent would have to do so on your behalf.
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dubaimady : You should direct your arguments to whomever is going to decide whatever you want decided.
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DuepLumew : If the civil rights organizations, like ACLU for instance, won't help you it means you probably don't have a case. They like to stir things up and wouldn't pass up a chance to get involved in a federal civil rights violation if there were any chance of winning.
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FriendKennedy : Would be interesting to know what your civil rights issue is and how it is on the federal level since a local school is a local school, you'd have to go through several courts before it came to be on the federal level.
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Pesepiopabs : Two different issues, actually. First, "Is it appropriate...." Heard of the First Amendment? You can contact anyone you want. But there is probably no law saying they have to respond. Second, you have a right to try to represent yourself... so go ahead and file stuff in court. If you do it correctly, the school system cannot ignore it. Since you are "well versed on law and government and have done my homework" it should be a breeze.
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QulunEaave : I want to know how much he will charge and everything. But do they charge you for just meeting them or is the first meeting free.
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