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tieday0826 : This is the message I get as I attempt to sign-in to my hotmail account:

Your account has been blocked
Why are you seeing this?
Someone may have used your account to send out a lot of junk messages (or something else that violates the Windows Live Terms of Service).
We're here to help you get your account back.
What do you need to do?
We'll ask you to provide us with a mobile phone number where we can send you a verification code and we'll add this phone number to your Windows Live profile for future use. After you enter the code, you can change your password and sign in.
We've cleaned your account settings
Often customers get here because someone else has access to your account and are using it without your knowledge to send spam. To protect you and your contacts, we've removed any Hotmail auto-replies or linked accounts you may have had.

Is this a legitimate message? Should I give my mobile number?

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Aripooh0013 : Got exactly the same message today. No idea but it worked and let me access my account. Tried every possible other option including resetting my password but, even then, they kept sending me in circles until I provided my mobile number. Makes me more skeptical then ever of these bully-boy tactics by MSN to gain user's data. I have no evidence of someone hacking my account, my friends haven't noticed any evidence of it and my account looks just like normal when I finally gained access to my inbox through providing my mobile number. Several times before Hotmail prompted me to set up additional security features including providing my mobile number and I always avoided doing so. It seems they have to block my account and use these forceful measure to extract it from me. Will probably try and phase out use of my Windows Live account now and up my usage on Yahoo which seems way more civilized!
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Emaimiply : i upgraded my iphone 3GS to ios 4.3.1 and jailbroke/unlocked it but i want to downgrade it and its on 6.15.00 baseband which is as you know ipad baseband and would i be able to downgrade to ios 4.1 even with ipad baseband BTW my shsh blobs are saved in cydia
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WenBahefforne : By the way i have no record whatsoever me and some friends were in a housing project just playing basketball and we just sat down on the benches to chill. It was around 11:45 am we were cutting school and the signs didnt say no trespassing and a lot people from our school who dont live there. Go there a lot to play basketball or just chill. My question is do i have to hire a lawyer. And can i go by myself. Also this was in L.I.C NY and what are the fines for a first time offender of this violation im a little worried about this. And is it true the fine is between $25-$100?
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JohnMalkovitzch : Not much. However if you have no money apply for a public defender and plead not guilty. Alot of times they will just withdraw the charges rather than litigate something so simple. And as far as your record you are under 18 and its only a summary so i wouldnt worry about it. I have never seen a minor ajudacated over a summary violation. I can tell you this hiring an attorney will cost you ten times the amount of the fine.
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cronsonia : No signs? Did you have to climb a fence or open some kind of door or gate to enter? If not, it sounds like it may be a ploy to get you for the truancy that they seem to not be able to enforce directly. Go to court and plead your case. For you to have been trespassing there should have been some reasonable indication that you should not have entered the property, or you disregarded an appropriate warning by the property management to leave.

I recommend that you stop cutting classes.
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EmakyRageerak : Avoid going back to that property. You may be able to make the case that you had no prior warning that you were prohibited from being there. Now it is documented that you are informed you should not be there.
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katimmita : yesterday i was weedwacking with a new weed wacker and new cutting blade. just cutting a simple trail through the weeds the new cutting tip threw one of its blades off shooting right through the blade guard and gashing my leg open and taking a chunk of bone out of my tibia. now im unable to do anything and i have no health insurance. do i have a case against the blade company or the weed wacker company
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ViettePen : You have a case and you may possibly win. You need to stop using the weed wacker, save everything, purchase receipts, packaging, instructions, the weed wacker, the cutting blades including the broken blade that cut your leg if you can find it, the blade guard, the chunk of bone, the medical bills, everything. Also photograph everything especially the injury. Then start looking for an attorney with sufficient funds to finance the expert witness analysis, reports and testimony that will be necessary to prove-up a defective product personal injury claim.
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Anaerceinance : I went through an eviction process 8 months ago with my landlord. I was served a 5 days notice to vacate from the sheriffs but I had an attorney hired at the time that stopped the process of the sheriffs coming out. After i paid the back rent with my landlords attorney put me on a "probation period" in which meant that if i was late with rent again they would not have to serve me a three day notice, but instead continue the eviction process in which if it was left off before. The landlords have been threatening me with sending the sheriffs out but the apartment. I wanted to know since the last notice to vacate from sheriffs was served to me 8 months ago, does that notice expire? If the sheriffs are going come out again do they have to serve me another five days notice vacate?
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