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Shietlewappal : i have HTC mobile which have windows 7,i want to know is it possible to make both android and seven on that or not?

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Woulfefsjes : My samsung continuum (which i got yesterday) froze when i went to read a text message. I want to take the battery out, but I cant get the snap on hard cover to come off. I used a nickel, but it only got the bottom half and it feels like i'm about to break it.
are there any other ways to get it off?
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Beskeragmasse : a)secretary of war knew the US military was too weak to compete
b)secretary of state disliked foreigners
c)attorney general told the president that those actions would be unconstitutional
d)secretary of the treasury did not support trade
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AdupsMund : My 20 year old boyfriend got me pregnant at 15. Now he is 21 and I am 16. I moved in with him since I was 8 months pregnant, and my baby is 2 months old now. We live in redding california and I want to marry him. Is it possible for us to get married now? I would have my mothers consent. But do we need to go to court or something? And would he get charged with statutory rape?
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Expopgolf : ” Some states base the penalty for violations on the age of the offender, with older offenders receiving harsher penalties. For example, California, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, and New York reserve their harshest statutory rape penalty for offenders who are age 21 or older.” :o

Edit: If I were you I'd move to a state where the age is 16. I believe it'd still count as statutory rape in California even if you're married.
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HenryS7 : if your parents consent then that is all you need. He wont be charged unless your parents file a complaint.
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malLalebalk : If your mother consents, you can get married.
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songfeng305 : Thanks for confirming everything I already thought about Redding.
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Alibabamen : To get married when you are under 18 takes the consent of your parent AND of the court. That will be preceded by an investigation by the court. You would be best advised to consult a family law attorney. You might see if the Shasta County Superior Court Family Law Facilitator can help you:
but an attorney would be far better.

Yes, he has committed a crime (it is not "statutory rape" in California, it is unlawful intercourse). However, since you have borne his child, that is pretty obvious, anyway. Once you are married, sexual intercourse would be lawful.
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elinnysypsuby : Are there any fallacies in the plan proposed by Kevin Rudd? if so what are they? Apart from appeal to emotion. Im very confused with identifying them Also is there any fallacies in the attorneys speech? i have linked below, i am very confused with what to write on the matter any help would be very much appreciated
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