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aliefique : Ok,
been trying to solve this for days now with no luck.

I have a LG LN500 GPS with Windows CE5 on it.
The SDHC card wont sync to my computer. Im assuming only SD cards 2gb and under will.
I know theres an update or something to solve this but dont know how to go about it..
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2qot54rt74o : My question is I have the AT&T samsung and I want to be able to put a signature at the end of my text messages. So that whenever I send a text some random thing that I chose will be at the end of the text without me having to type it every time I send a text. (sorry if it’s confusing that’s the best I could do to explain it) Also, if there isn’t a way to do it please tell me.
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tireargueme : some phones do not have this capability...if it does, simply go to the messaging, then go to options and itll b there
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MymnIntatte : do that just go text message setting
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yang1239p : This issue was supposed to be confidential Within her consular and teachers only all teachers were emailed with the same information what can and they cannot expect from her. actually there's a letter for her doctor in file in it supposed to be confidential the students had no need to know what her condition is.
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Ambimibog : Yes.
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AntetaMap : I live in Arkansas, and I've only seen a few things that tell me the emancipation process but I want to know it all. I'm 15 right now, and I will be 16 in April. I have a job and I'm currently saving money for a car. I'm home schooled, and work a lot. I would like to know if I have to take my parents to court and fight them, or if I can just go get emancipation papers and have a judge/attorney or someone sign it. I have friends that have told me they will allow me to stay at their houses and I make enough money to have my own apartment if I want. My parents don't want me to move out because they're very protective and suffocating. They hold me back from my social life, and they have held me back from working and they won't let me make my own decisions. They don't trust me with anything, and I don't even know why, and they take advantage of the money I make. I want to know what exactly I have to do to be emancipated. What are the steps? Do I need a lawyer? What are the laws on it? I read somewhere that to be emancipated, you need one of your parents to speak in court that they know you can be on your own. Neither one of my parents would do that because they think I'm not ready, but I am. I've been looking at apartments and looking at all the choices I have to make and I am financially stable to pay for everything. (Food,gas,bills,etc.) I want some freedom. I want to be able to take care of myself and not be told I'm a kid. I don't depend on other people I can take care of myself.
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induttott : I don't need idiotic mean, stupid jealous responses. Be respectful please, especially if you were in the respect. Now. I was generally discharge with Honorable conditions. with re 4 code. Long story short. I had an alleged dwi i was then generally discharge...however that was in 2010 when i was discharged..last month I contacted an attorney in VA to handle my dwi..and found out it is now dismissed...dropped...closed..purged...m... DA has better crimes to solve and prosecute ...since i never went back to Va, and took care of my warrent for a dwi they dropped it...ITS DONE...FINISH...i never faced a Judge...meaning its like it never happen. I retained a lawyer, and had those warrants mailed to me and a letter from the DA saying its dropped dismissed, done..finished .purged ...ect. Now that i was administrate discharged for an alleged DWI, and now since i was never convicted for that DWI..can i go ahead and have my upgrade change..since its done an error..

because according to constitution of the US you are INNOCENT TILL GUILTY..i was never guilty..yet i was discharge under Honorable conditions..for a i have proof its purged..can i appeal to board of corrections..and have it upgraded/and or changed? since i was never found basically i was let go for dwi..however now i don't have dwi on my record..and didn't get charged and now its dropped. so now i should go back to the navy with my proof , and they should GRANT ME A RE 4 CODE change..since it was UNJUST?

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Dave.tupastoggep : What branch numbnuts?
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daunkwoorousa : It doesn't matter. If the civilian court did not pursue charges against you for DWI, you're still accountable for your action based on the Military's UCMJ. You'll be wasting your money on a lawyer.
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