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kupasadlao : I have an 8GB Itouch, I got about 2 years ago and it has been working just fine for those years until today or should I say a few days ago.. it decided that it was not going to sync with Itunes. I've never had this happen before but I had just bought some apps and it synced when I bought them maybe last week.

I called Apple Inc. and you have to have an agreement which cost $29 plus tax and if you don't have that then they won't give you any answers or detailed answers which I think is bull. I'm using Windows Vista and have the latest version of Itunes. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Itunes and updated it more than once. I've also gotten this error that says " Apple Mobile Device is not started" I've gotten that started after I spoke with an Apple Admin. The lady was telling me that a lof of poeple who have Windows Vista, 7, or XP have had this issue simple because the mobile device has been stopped. All I needed to to is restart it and that's exactly what I did.

I don't need to buy a new ipod because it was working just fine not too long ago.. it doesn't have any dents or malfunctions in's in good conditions because I take care of it.

May I please... pretty please with cherries on top get some great advice.. thank you!
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emibegomSit : BlackBerry Tour 9630 (Cam) Or Samsung Omnia B7320?
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plumImmorefup : My great uncle and his wife lived in a house on our property for 21 years. They were supposed to pay $200/mo but never did. We didnt have the heart to kick them out. My uncle passed away 12/31/12, and his wife decided to stay with some of her relatives. She comes back to check on her stuff every month or two but makes no effort to move her things out. I went over there one day to switch "her" working air conditioner with my broken one. A neighbor ratted me out to her and she had the cops at my house. They told her to get her stuff the next day and never come back. However, they told me that even though she has no right to act this way, legally, I have to have an eviction notice. Well, I tried and they told me I needed her new address, which I don't have. I don't have a phone number either, and she won't cooperate. How do I go about evicting her if I have no way of finding her? I'm rarely home when she stops by. It's usually a neighbor that tells me; I haven't been able to confront her.
The house is mine. The property is mine. And the air conditioner was purchased by me after the old one stopped working.

The police did tell her to get her things out and leave for good. I know that because I was standing right beside him when he told her. He then pulled me aside and said, "A word of advice for the future, don't let your family live off you for free. They'll take advantage of you every time."

Thank you to those who answered politely and did not make false assumptions and accusations. I really appreciate it.
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igoRaafkty : You stole her air conditioner? Come on if they've been living there for twenty years, we know you didn't buy the air conditioner.

Take a look at your state's eviction laws. They vary by the state. In most states, posting the notice on the residence is enough.
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pneupejed : If you can't think of any relatives, friends, newspapers, websites, cable companies, old mail, the post office, etc., which could have her forwarding address, hire a private investigator, go with posted service at her old address or service by publication. (See your state's service rules.) An attorney could help.
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Uttegowag : Sorry, but Auntie got you over a barrel. In order to make her remove her stuff from the house, you need to follow your state's eviction laws. Paying rent or not is irrelevant. She has established legal residence on your property so an formal eviction is necessary.
I doubt the police told her to never come back. They had no authority to that if they knew the fact of the situation.
Send a certified letter to her address on your property. It may be that she has filed a change of address form at the post office.

Good luck
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9ord135n : Not only you should evict, you should sue her for rent not payed.
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LFsonia : unless you have written lease you nmay have problem

go see a lawyer
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HonsjoriAcino : Earlier this year, I was caught for shoplifting (I know, I'm dumb, I definitely learned my lesson) at a Walmart in Texas. As a legal adult (I'm 20), I was arrested for petty theft and charged with a Class C misdemeanor. After a month or so, the court offered me to get the misdemeanor deferred and the charge dropped if I pay a $250 fee and refrain from getting any tickets pretty much until the end of this year.
During this time, before I paid that court fee, I received a couple letters from Walmart Asset Protection Recovery saying I needed to pay a $200 fee, but I was told by an attorney I had a consultation with to ignore it because any fees I need to pay would be assigned to me by the court, and also because they wouldn't press charges for $200 since it would cost them more money in the long run.
So I paid my court fee, I've been on probation, I moved cities to start at a new school, and I thought this was all settled until I just received two letters from a new sender, Palmer, Reifler & Associates, saying that I owe them a balance of $510. Like I said, I was told that any fees I need to pay were to be ordered by the court, but this is from an actual law office, so it makes it a little more intimidating. The fact that the charge has more than doubled is a little strange to me, though. Then again, there's not much I know, why is why I'm asking Yahoo! Answers in the first place.
I can't visit that attorney that I was talking to, because she's still in my old city 6 hours away. Also, the letter says I'm to make the payment of $510 within 10 days of the date on the letter, which was September 11, but since I'd moved, the letter took much longer to get me after it was forwarded, and I just got it today, which is the 25th.
Obviously I'm a little nervous. I worked hard to pay that court fee (I never told my parents, so I worked extra hours to earn that money without telling them why), and I thought that was it, so I moved to a new city by myself in a new apartment (which is crazy expensive), and I don't think I'll be able to pay $510 on my own this time, especially since I didn't get the letter on time anyway.
Do you think they'll pursue if they keep raising the charges? If they send another letter with the price raised to, say, $700, do you think they would press charges then? I'm just a little suspicious because I was told that the court would order me to pay any charges and fees owed, but if paying this now would keep it from raising again, then I wanna start saving money for it.

Anyone with first-hand experience (people related to law, people who were in the same situation, etc.) would be much appreciated.
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Booftoino : Well, without knowing more about the law office that sent you the bill, it's hard to say.

You mentioned talking with an attorney...what that attorney a member of the law office that sent you that letter?

Basically, court costs and attorneys fees are different. So if the attorney that was representing you was from that firm, then that bill is likley for their legal fees, which is unrelated to the amount the court ordered you to pay.

Also, if you made an agreement to pay the specified sum, did it also include something that stated you would have to pay attorneys fees? Because if so, then that means that not only did the court order you to pay the 250 bucks, but also whatever the other side's (Wal-Mart) attorneys billed to their client.

Your best bet is to just call the firm and ask them what the fee is for if you honestly don't know. If you can't afford it, ask them if you can enter a payment plan with them. At my firm, we routinely will allow clients to pay back portions of their bill if they cannot afford it all up front, and will work with them to get them into a payment plan they can afford. Granted, my firm is very small, but I think most firms would be willing to work with you if you can't afford the entire amount.

Good luck, and I hope this helps!
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