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femolermed : I think he does.
*Mitt Romney will be hurt by not showing up at the debate and by RomneyCare.
*Newt Gingrich can not be trusted.
*Donald Trump is a joke.
*Ron Paul is to extreme.
*Gary Johnson does not do good in debates and is to extreme.
*Jon Huntsman worked for President Obama.
*Mitch Daniels I think will not run
*Mike Huckabee I think will not run.

That leaves Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum has main oppinets. I think he could actually win. Does anybody else feel that these 4 will be the front runners? This is just my opinion...

(I think it would be funny that in 2008 Obama faced McCain and in 2012 could face Cain!)
*Sarah Palin I think will not run.

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zIvigiorryize : I hope he does. And when he wins and the progressives start slamming his policies, or any mistakes they perceive him to make, I will call them on their blatant racism.
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CingDeage : I like him very much, but we have just started. It looks like we will have some good candidates.
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chopilborgorb : Mr. Cain has many good points, However the one thing that will slow him
down is his love for the Federal Reserve. This will knock a lot of the bark
off of the tree he has growing.
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jametesteClef : Hard to say.

Ron Paul raised $1 million in one day for his campaign, I'm just not exactly sure HOW much would even convince him to run, or even if he will at all this time around.
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creecurry : You keep thinking those weird fantasy-laden thoughts about Donny Trump's Personal Pizza Man and the President's Secretary of State.

OBTW, what kind of drugs are you on? Just curious. Oh yeah, and Scaly Boy, I am very interested as to which county you served as an elected Sheriff. I would think a fact of that magnitude is something you would be very proud to share.
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usbflashdrivekyi : I like Trump and Palin, however, a Cain Santorum ticket or a Jeb Bush Jindal ticket would carry 44 States next year, just exactly what happened in 1980 with Reagan/Bush Carter/Mondale.
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Palgamdxorzjhi : The real thing that is killing them is the Ryan Budget.
They are having their butts handed to them over their plan on privatizing Medicare and the Va.
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zakladykliczko : It would be a fine time to prove that the right is not racist...And by the way...that list is atrocious.And Sarah should run.and never stop.Keep running till she get to Russia.
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jajidmeu : your points on the other potential candidates are valid enough, but Cain has no chance, whatever.
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