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toribhibblerg : I looked up information of musician Tiny Tim being a homosexual on Google (even though he was married about 4 times in his life), and the most common result is this:
"At the age of twenty, Tiny found himself strongely attracted to a young man who lived near him, and this developed into a relationship involving some mild physical petting which went on for several years. But Tiny's religious beliefs caused him to feel a great deal of guilt about his feelings, and he prayed ardently to be freed of what he considered to be sinful desires. When the young man married and moved away the cycle was finally broken. Whether Tiny continued to harbor sexual feelings towards men is something we can't know. But we can safely assume that Tiny never had any such relationship with a man again. He was a compulsively honest person who made the whole world his confessional, and would surely have told any and everyone had he given way to such temptation again. And he had other temptations to distract him: Women."

Okay, how do they know all this? Who was this young man, where were they living at the time, and how do they know about their relationship? Did Tiny Tim happen to actually write any of this down, and they later found these letters after his death? I'm just a little confused from lack of full information...

What do you think (or know)?

Also, is there a photo of Tim when he was 20?

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Nisyventiosse : Why are you so obsessed over the sexuality of a guy who was so insignificant musically, that he ended up playing at a dump called "Spooky World" in Central MA.? He also had a heart attack (leading to his death) in MA, during a performance at a bookstore/coffee shop. He played the ukulele and wrote really bizarre tunes. I suppose that after all, his sex life WAS the most interesting thing about him! Poor Tim!

I hope he had a nice relationship with the young man, "Petting mildly for years"!
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Toomadyettasy : I don't know anything about his love life. I remember him from MY youth, so you must be much younger, and to be interested in that, rather than his music or life, seems curious. But, he was effeminate sounding and acting that everyone didn't have to ask that question and just assumed.
He would be a good character for Johnny Depp to play.
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LincExcexia : I never understood how anyone could be attracted to him, the guy was a walking advertisement for Halloween!
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Mreasaoys : Actually, most of the songs he performed were covers of somgs that were written in the 1910s and 1920s. A lot of people might not know that he very much loved that kind of music and was an expert on it. So much of it doesn't get heard today and that's a pity. As for his sex life, who really cares now? He's been dead since 1996.
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sageseepamb : I have the Reality right now and i don't like it at all so I want to switch back to my previous phone (EnV 3) Can I do this online? If so, can you give me all the steps. I live far from a verizon store and don't get out that way often..
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SoobImbTemDam : you can either call verizon or dial *228 from your old phone and follow the instructions
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Jamesgo : You can't just switch. You need to wait until your two year contract is over.
P.S. If you are going to get a new phone, get an iPhone 4!!!
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ViettePen : You have to bring the old phone (and it's a good idea to bring the new phone with you) to the store in order to re-activate the old one.
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cvdfmehk : By law if subpoenaed you have to show up. The exception is if you are more than 250 Miles from where the trial is being held.
That said tell the prosecutor you don't remember anything as it was so long ago. In other words, make it so you will be of no help to her case and maybe even help the defense. THey won't like it but can't do anything about it. Faulty memory is not against the law. I assume your bf was subpoenaed also?
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