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JohnMalkovitzch : My OF/UTIL is real weak (chris young, kubel, adam jones, boesch, gaby sanchez)

My other pitchers are Jaime Garcia, Tim hudson, beachy, gallardo, drabek. randy wolf

Also my only 2 closers right now are Soria and Brian fuentes who will lose the job once bailey comes back
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blelperneni : No, I wouldn't do that trade. You're giving up Hanson who is a legit pitcher for Lind, who yes, is playing good but is another player who will end up hitting in the .235 - .250 range when it is all said and done.

I recommend you drop Fuentes for Melancon, or Padilla. You should never trade for a closer because of all the uncertainty that comes with a closer. You're OF isn't terrible, but does need help.

Hold off on this trade right now.
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PoitoProvemog : I wanted a smart phone...verizon has the free one LG Vortex and it looked cool. what i don't wanna pay is the extra 30$ a month.
is at&t cheaper? im kinda getting sick of verizon anyways......
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Yopemrlde : The cool thing about ATT is they have a $15 plan instead of Verizon's preposterous $30 plan.
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Mobfabybrirty : Verizon is better than at&t
1. Verizon has less drop call
2 verizon has unlimited
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acilivesserma : I have traffic warrants for no insurance , expired tags. They are 1120. I have saved right now 950, anyone ever heard of making some sort of deal with the court? 950 is a lot of money still. I suspect if I have to pay in full it may be a while, doesn't seem like that much more money but I recently lost my job and seems not a sole in Texas is looking for a IT specialist that has less than 3 years exp :(
soul not sole /shrug its 2 am
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QuotteApegeve : You can ask and inform them you are not working but willing to pay 950 now in full and final settlement.......... they could either say yes or no...........
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ciggriecosy : DONT PAY THE TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!
HIRE a traffic ticket attorney. they will cut the cost in half and take it off ur record.

most people dont know about tickets lol


for future reference, NEVER pay the ticket. even if you know for a fact that your guilty, NEVER pay them. hire an attorney. not expensive at all
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igoroldtemkin : My older sister is getting custody of me and we're trying to get me into a home school. We won't have the final papers until next month, but the court said the paper we have with the court date and everything will get me into school. We just signed me out of the public school I went to and I don't want to have to go for not even a month just to go to another school. We've tried connection academy, ohdela, and treca. They've all said we need a power of attorney, but Ohio doesn't accept power of attorney.
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stuartfish : I have a temp restraining order hearing in nj. It is a civil case. No court appointed attorney. I dont have 3-6 thousand to pay a lawyer. Is there anything i can do? Legal aid doesnt do these cases. Just go in solo and see what i can do?
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