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skekwoopy : Okay so i just got the fascinate about 2 weeks ago and i wanna set one of the songs i have as a ringtone as my notification tone but when i go to do that.. none of my songs show up in there, they show up to set as my ringtone. How do i make it to where i can set them as my notificarion tone.. ive tried moving the files in my phone and stuff but that didnt work. And ive done it before . please helppppppp !

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Vidsgaga : My phone got windex in it after cleaning it, then i left it for two days in a bag of rice, but the problem that it had since it got wet wasthe 3 bottom buttons and the volume button stop working after the phone is on for two minutes. Now just to make this more difficult my phone dosent seem to have a factory data reset button in the sd card and phone storage section. I really need my phone and want to fix it can anyone help!?!
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likelucyru :
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kehokimeFop : No
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SkipSnuntee : no
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eraractiorO : NO a POA dies with the grantor the executor of a will may or may not be the same person who held the POA depending on what the will says. If the person dies without a will the state will choose an executor.
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ForexSignals : No, they are not the same thing.
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hervebwb : You'll need a lawyer for this. What you want is for your husband to adopt. I'm reasonably sure that your ex husband will have to give up his parental rights.

But that's not a big thing. It would mean that can't get child support. But he can still come and visit the child. You can let anyone you want visit the child.
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LierCheeprind : Her father doesn't need to terminate his rights. You would need to have a will that specifies that you want your husband to have custody if something happens to you. Also, you can have a lawyer draft an agreement that allows your husband a limited power of attorney over her, like in case of a medical emergency. That way he would have some legal rights and so would her father. You could check with the lawyer to find out what other options you have.
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zszoowam : Why would you want your husband to have legal guardianship over your daughter??? If you do this - then YOU have NO say in anything anymore. Just leave it the way it is and, if, the biological father ever wishes to give his 'rights away'..........then your husband can adopt your daughter.
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